Nicole Kidman Lying About $1 Million Makeover?

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Nicole Kidman Makeover

By Shari Weiss |

Nicole Kidman Makeover

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A tabloid is accusing Nicole Kidman of lying about secretly undergoing a $1 million makeover. No proof, however, is offered of any plastic surgery aside from guesswork. And Gossip Cop is told by Kidman’s camp that the story is filled with “lies.”

The article in question is featured in the current edition of the National Enquirer under the headline, “Two-Faced Nicole’s $1M Makeover!” According to the gossip magazine, Kidman has been “caught in a ‘big little lie'” because “when it comes to nips ‘n’ tucks, the 50-year-old has insisted: ‘No surgery for me!'” But the outlet maintains she’s not being honest, and “to see if she’s telling the truth,” it enlisted the help of a “plastic surgeon to the stars.” Did the doctor meet with Kidman? No. Did he have access to her medical files? No. Did he consult with her personal physicians? No.

Rather, the publication gave this purported expert “tell-tale before-and-after photos” with a “request that he evaluate them for evidence of work.” To be clear, the supermarket tabloid is calling Kidman a liar based on what a doctor she’s never met claims she’s had done according to his photo judgment. And the pictures used for this comparison are of Kidman in 1983 and January of 2017. More than three decades have passed between the two snapshots, and one is already nearly a year old. In other words, of course Kidman is going to look different than she did close to 35 years ago.

But the magazine sees a scandal, with the plastic surgeon guessing that she’s had procedures on everything from her complexion, teeth and nose to her eyes, breasts and lips. The outlet gives a price for each alleged surgery, but it’s unclear where those dollar figures came from. The publication adds, “Experts said Nicole also spent $25,000 on a personal trainer, plus $50,000 on hair extensions.” What, did the National Enquirer do a forensic investigation of her bank account?

The tabloid has zero actual proof to back up any of these assertions. And it takes a lot of nerve to paint Kidman as the liar here when this is the same magazine that lied back in August about Kidman being in a “revenge romance” and cheating on Keith Urban. Now, Kidman’s camp tells Gossip Cop these new “lies” are (again) coming from the outlet itself, not the actress. Kidman did say in 2013 that she hadn’t had surgery and disliked Botox. But whether or not she does choose to get work done, it’s up to the Oscar winner to also choose whether to make that information public.

It’s not right for a doctor who’s never treated her to make assumptions or for a magazine to accuse her of lying and make up what she supposedly spent. But it hardly surprises Gossip Cop to see the publication’s sister outlet, RadarOnline, making the same exact evidence-free claims online. It’s shameful.

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