Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been happily married since 2006. The tabloids, however, have repeatedly claimed the couple's marriage was in trouble. The truth is, there are no problems. Gossip Cop has continued to debunk these false stories. Here are a few times the tabloids got it wrong about the spouses.

Let's start with Woman's Day, which we busted in November 2019. The publication claimed Kidman was "jealous" of Urban's alleged "relationship" with Miranda Lambert. According to the outlet, Kidman was upset because Urban and Lambert were "reuniting" to headline a concert in the summer of 2020. A supposed insider told the tabloid Kidman was "not a fan" of Lambert's and there would be extra security "keep an eye" on Urban.

The only truth in the story is that Lambert and Urban are scheduled to perform at the Country Thunder 2020 musical festival in Wisconsin. Everything else was incorrect. Gossip Cop checked the tour schedules for Lambert and Urban, and they weren't even set to perform on the same day. Obviously we debunked this phony report back in November.

Just a few days later, New Idea was busted by Gossip Cop for incorrectly saying Kidman and Urban's marriage was saved by Pink. A "so-called" source stated Urban told Pink he and Kidman were having problems. The unreliable magazine added Pink suggested the country star should "spend time apart" from his wife, which the outlet claimed "sure enough, it worked. It made Nicole and Keith realize what they were missing."

None of the story added up. Kidman and Urban have hectic schedules due to their demanding careers, so naturally, the couple already spends time apart, so the advice the alleged source atributed to Pink gave doesn't make any sense. Still, we double-checked with Urban's spokesperson who confirmed the story was untrue.

The false narratives have continued into the New Year. In February, Woman's Day claimed Urban went to the Grammys alone because of a "bitter fight" with Kidman. Urban explained Kidman's absence was due to the flu, but an anonymous source contended Urban was seen backstage telling Blake Shelton he had a "huge fight" with Kidman over Urban's apparent over commitment to his career. "Nicole ended up storming out of the house, with the girls in tow," the "insider" elaborated on this supposed conversation. How outlandish is it that even after Urban gave a specific reason on why his wife wasn't there, the outlet still ran with the story? Gossip Cop spoke to a rep for Urban who affirmed the country's singer statement was the only explanation for her absence.

Later that same month, New Idea asserted Kidman and Urban skipped out on the Oscars because of marriage problems. The publication claimed Kidman was "tired" of Los Angeles and wanted to return to Australia to live, however, Urban wanted to stay in the United States. The tabloid alleged Kidman decided it was best to avoid the Academy Awards because of the couple's supposed marriage issues and her "disdain" for Hollywood.

Gossip Cop once again set the record straight on the matter. The phony story was based on the words of an unreliable source that had no truth to it. The tabloids seem intent on discrediting the couple's long-standing marriage. Unfortunately, we surmise we aren't done debunking these ridiculous stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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