Nicole Kidman Going On Tour With Keith Urban To Save Marriage?

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Tour Save Marriage

By Andrew Shuster |

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Tour Save Marriage

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One of this week’s tabloids claims the reason Nicole Kidman is joining Keith Urban on his Graffiti U World Tour is so she can save their marriage. The story is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

The actress is spending three months on the road with her husband and their two daughters as he tours Australia and Europe, and according to the National Enquirer, she’s only doing so to make sure he behaves himself. An alleged insider tells the magazine Kidman is “worried sick” over the country star relapsing on drugs and alcohol while he’s away, and also wants to prevent her husband’s groupies from “throwing themselves at him.”

“If taking time away from her thriving career to travel with Keith and the band is what it takes to keep the spark alive, Nicole is ready to do it,” adds the supposed tipster, who further contends the plan may backfire as Urban is frustrated by his wife’s lack of trust and his loss of “freedom.” The seemingly phony source continues, “What started out as a way to bring them close together could actually end up driving them apart.”

Despite what the tabloid’s unidentified “insider” claims, Gossip Cop is told on the record by Kidman’s spokesperson that there’s no truth to the story. The actress and her two kids are joining Urban on tour so they can spend quality time together as a family. She doesn’t have any ulterior motives for going on the road with her husband.

The idea that the actress is worried about her husband relapsing is entirely false. Last year, Urban opened up about his sobriety during a South by Southwest panel, noting that his wife helped him quit drugs and alcohol shortly after they got married 12 years ago. The musician has been remained clean ever since.

The tabloid’s additional claim about Kidman being worried her husband might cheat on her with “groupies” is also baseless. A few months ago, Urban addressed false rumors about his marriage during an interview on “The Kyle and Jackie O” radio show. The country star explained that the couple’s loved ones already know the tabloids print lies about their marriage. “I particularly laugh when they go, ‘An inside source,’ because anyone who’s close to us knows how [expletive] that is,” said Urban.

It’s also worth noting that the publication’s narrative isn’t particularly original. Last month, Gossip Cop called out Woman’s Day Australia for claiming Kidman was joining Urban on tour to dispel rumors about him cheating on the road. This latest take on the subject is equally bogus.


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