Top Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Rumor Of 2019: Pregnant With Third Baby

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Nicole Kidman in a red dress and Keith Urban in a black suit jacket and mesh undershirt at the Country Music Awards

By Griffin Matis |

Nicole Kidman in a red dress and Keith Urban in a black suit jacket and mesh undershirt at the Country Music Awards

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were no strangers to the tabloids this year. The superstar couple didn’t exactly do anything to cause it, but we’ve busted more rumors about them than we can count. Most of them were flat-out false or totally misleading.

Still, we need to crown one of those claims as our Top Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Rumor of 2019. We’re awarding it to Star‘s July story about Kidman being a couple of weeks pregnant with her and her husband’s third child. It’s a familiar rumor, but it’s little more special than the rest.

The tabloid claimed that the actress was going through some marriage problems before she found out she was expecting. According to an anonymous source for the outlet, Kidman only went through “one round of IVF” treatments before she conceived. The insider called the pregnancy “a miracle” since “getting pregnant at Nicole’s age without any help” would be extremely difficult.

The magazine doubled down with a claim about how the couple was “on the verge of divorce” before the pregnancy. Now, the source said, both stars would “scale back on work” so they could “reconnect” before the baby. Urban would “spend every free minute” with his wife, while she “vowed to be present and attentive” with him, the insider added.

The couple were going to “take off work when the baby arrives around Christmas,” the source said. Until then, Urban would spoil his wife with attention and care by getting her “an extra pillow for her feet” and water. This is the line that makes this story our winner.

As we pointed out at the time, the whole loving husband getting his expecting wife a foot pillow sounded suspiciously familiar.  Star used the same line in its October 2018 rumor about Gwen Stefani’s “miracle” pregnancy thanks to IVF. Then, an “insider” said Stefani’s boyfriend Blake Shelton would fetch foot pillows for his pregnant partner as well.

It wasn’t even hidden behind some clever rewording. The outlet seemed to just be reusing a quote after only a few months had passed since it had first published it. This blatant laziness is what makes this the winner this year.

It’s also worth noting that Gossip Cop still debunked the rumor at the time. We checked with Kidman’s official spokesperson, who told us that the entire rumor was false. Kidman herself has said that she’s past the point of having more kids. The story was just a retreading of another pregnancy rumor about the couple from January.

The tabloid dialed the pregnancy rumors back in the second half of the year. It settled for claiming the couple was setting up Charlize Theron on dates in October. That story was just as fictional as the pregnancy claims.

Urban closed out his year with a soulful performance at the Country Music Awards with Kidman in attendance in November. Kidman is enjoying praise for her performance in the recently released Bombshell. While we expect even more success from the couple in 2020, we’re bracing for another year of blatantly false rumors about them. Gossip Cop will keep debunking them as they come.


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