Nicole Kidman Told Keith Urban She Still Loves Tom Cruise?

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Tom Cruise

By Andrew Shuster |

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Tom Cruise

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A tabloid report claiming Nicole Kidman told Keith Urban that she still loves Tom Cruise is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk the ridiculous premise. There’s no truth to it.

“Nicole Stuns Keith: I Still Love Tom!” reads a headline in the latest issue of Star. The actress opened up about her marriage to Cruise in an interview with New York Magazine in October, saying she got “protection” at a young age by being married to a powerful movie star. According to the tabloid, the actress’s husband isn’t happy about her revelation.

“He feels it’s extremely disrespectful for Nicole to be speaking about Tom so fondly,” an alleged insider tells the magazine. “But she’s always loved her partners so fiercely, she’s probably told Keith that a part of her will always belong to Tom.” The supposed source goes on to say that Urban is starting to worry about losing his wife to Cruise, “so he’s considering reaching out to Tom personally to make sure he doesn’t get any ideas.”

The unreliable tabloid, however, leaves out a key part of Kidman’s New York Magazine interview. While talking about her marriage to Cruise, the actress made a point of noting it’s “something I’m always reluctant to talk about, because I’m married now to the man who is my great love, and it almost feels disrespectful.”

The actress echoed that sentiment in an interview on the “Today” show last month. When asked to elaborate on her magazine interview, Kidman said, “I don’t like discussing exes and all of that because I’m married. I’m very happily married. I have two little girls and I feel it’s almost disrespectful, one to Tom, and disrespectful to Keith, so I try to stay in the here and now.”

Just last week, Kidman was asked about Cruise in an interview with The Observer, and she responded, “I have a husband now. I feel out of respect for him I don’t want to talk about that. It has been 20 years.” The actress added, “I have come to the point where I can say: ‘I am not going to keep discussing my ex.’”

Simply put, the idea that Kidman has been going around gushing about her ex-husband in interviews simply isn’t accurate, despite the magazine trying to make it seem like that’s the case. Regardless, Gossip Cop reached out to a rep for Urban, who tells us on the record that the country star isn’t upset about any of his wife’s statements about her ex. Also, Kidman most assuredly didn’t tell her husband that she still loves Cruise, nor does he believe that to be true. The tabloid is trying to create some sort of twisted love triangle, but the narrative is completely bogus.


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