Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Headed For Split Because He Missed Her Recent Red Carpet Events?

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nicole kidman keith urban red carpet

By Hugh Scott |

nicole kidman keith urban red carpet

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are not headed for a split because the country singer missed a few of his wife’s recent red carpet events, despite a false report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. We looked into the situation, and have learned it’s all nonsense.

An article in the latest issue of Woman’s Day alleges Urban has purposely skipped out on a number of events where Kidman has appeared in support of her new movie, The Goldfinch, because he wanted to hang out with his bandmates instead. The outlet claims that even though the country singer has been on tour, he’s still avoided his wife’s events even when he has the night off.

A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “Nicole is livid with Keith for failing to attend any of the recent events she’s had, including the GQ Men Of The Year Awards and the Toronto Film Festival, despite her insisting he could have made the effort in between shows that didn’t clash.” The anonymous insider adds, “She’s been bombarding him day and night with calls and texts, flying off the handle when he doesn’t respond immediately… which is making Keith feel increasingly suffocated.”

In reality, the Big Little Lies star gushed over Urban at one of the events in question, the GQ Awards, which took place in London on September 3. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kidman called Urban her “man of the year.” The actress added, “He is such an extraordinary man and he keeps our whole family together, and manages to be a great father, [and] a great husband. He’s my guy.”

The reason Urban has missed some of his wife’s recent events is because he has been on tour. To bolster its report, the tabloid’s article shows photos of Kidman promoting The Goldfinch on September 3, 7, and 8. But Urban performed in Las Vegas on September 6 and 7, which is an almost 11-hour flight from London and almost five hours from Toronto, making an appearance at either event very difficult, to say the least. When Urban doesn’t have work commitments, he’s almost always at his wife’s side on red carpets.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with Kidman’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record there’s “no truth” to the outlet’s article. Urban didn’t skip his wife’s red carpet to hang out with his band, nor are the two having marriage problems. Of course, this is hardly the first time Woman’s Day has been wildly incorrect about the happy spouses.

Just three weeks ago, the tabloid falsely claimed Kidman revealed she was pregnant with her and Urban’s third baby in an Instagram post. This latest article makes no mention of the (nonexistent) baby. And it fails to explain how the two went from having a child to splitting in a matter of weeks.

In April 2018, the tabloid published a cover story maintaining Kidman and Urban’s marriage was “over.” The phony article insisted the two were “preparing to officially announce their split in the coming weeks.” More than 70 weeks later, the couple is still happily married. Urban’s absence at a few red carpet events isn’t any indication otherwise.


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