Nicole Kidman Sick Of Being Married To Keith Urban?

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban sick married truth

By Griffin Matis |

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban sick married truth

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage has been going strong for more than a decade. However, the tabloids frequently allege they’re headed for a split. Gossip Cop has busted plenty of these stories, and we’ve noticed a fair amount center around Kidman growing sick of her husband in one way or another. Here are some examples.

Earlier this week, the National Enquirer claimed Kidman was “too kinky” for Urban, who supposedly wasn’t satisfying her in the bedroom. “He’s gently asked her to slow down — which has caused more tension because she thinks he’s not attracted to her anymore,” a supposed source told the outlet. “It’s putting a real strain on their relationship.” In reality, however, the tabloid was just pulling its narrative from the lyrics of one of Urban’s latest songs, in which he sings about Kidman being a “maniac” in bed. Gossip Cop also checked with the country star’s rep, who assured us the couple was still happy.

Earlier this month, Woman’s Day pushed the idea that Kidman was tired of Urban’s refusal to support her at red carpet events. “Nicole is livid with Keith for failing to attend any of the recent events she’s had,” an “insider” told the publication, “despite her insisting he could have made the effort in between shows that didn’t clash.” The source then alleged that Kidman was “bombarding” Urban with texts and phone calls, and getting angered by his lack of a response.

Of course, the tabloid’s story didn’t match up with the truth. Kidman boasted about Urban during her recent red carpet events, calling him “my guy” and her “man of the year.” Additionally, the country star has been present at the majority of Kidman’s premieres and awards show. Outside of the few events where he was busy with his tour, Urban is a constant supportive figure.

In July, Life & Style incorrectly claimed Kidman was ready to call it quits with Urban after a failed trip to Australia. The magazine alleged that the couple “had a huge blowup” after they took their daughters to Australia in July. “Nicole accused him of rushing home to be around his young musician friends,” a source told the tabloid, “specifically the female ones.”

Gossip Cop checked with Kidman’s spokesperson, who told us that it was complete nonsense. Kidman and Urban’s social media pages contain a fair amount of affectionate posts about the other, and it’s incredibly clear the two are just as in love as ever. It’s just yet another case of the tabloids ignoring the truth to push their made-up narratives.


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