Nicole Kidman Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’?

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Nicole Kidman rock bottom

By Griffin Matis |

Nicole Kidman rock bottom

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Nicole Kidman is hitting “rock bottom” as she faces personal and professional issues? That’s the false claim from one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop found the storyline to be ridiculous.

Woman’s Day is alleging that Kidman is facing extreme difficulties after being “deserted in her personal life” and “professionally panned.” The crux of the story is that actress’s relationship with husband Keith Urban is supposedly faltering, and the situation has been made worse by the fact that her latest film, The Goldfinch, was poorly received by critics and audiences.

“The couple haven’t been seen together for nearly six weeks now,” says the tabloid, citing August 21 as the last time the two were publicly photographed together. “Nicole is seriously panicking that she’s losing Keith,” an alleged source tells the magazine. “Nicole is not in a good place. Her emotions are on a major rollercoaster ride. What she needs is to be with her family — including Keith.”

In reality, Kidman seems to be as happy as ever, and Urban is still an incredibly supportive partner. They’re a busy celebrity couple, so it’s expected there will be some time where they’re apart. Kidman’s press tour for The Goldfinch saw her traveling to London, while Urban’s most recent tour had him performing in Las Vegas. It makes sense there would be some gaps in paparazzi coverage of the two of them together, but they often fill in those gaps on their personal social media accounts.

In fact, Urban just posted a photo of him and Kidman on vacation in Italy with the caption, “Sunset in Firenze with my love.” Urban also posted a video of the two talking and laughing together after his performance at the Pilgrimage Festival on September 21. Just because the paparazzi haven’t photographed them together in six weeks doesn’t mean they haven’t seen each other since August 21, despite the tabloid’s ridiculous assertion.

Additionally, Kidman’s addressed the fact that Urban’s a constant source of support despite their busy professions. In an interview after winning GQ’s Actress of the Year earlier this month (so much for this month being a low point in her career), Kidman referred to Urban as “an incredible balm to have” in the face of an extremely busy career. It’s clear there are no worries about “desertion” or “abandonment” for the couple. Meanwhile, a movie star’s career is filled with highs and lows. Kidman, who has several projects in the can and many more in development, isn’t suffering a major crisis because The Goldfinch was a misfire.

Woman’s Day, which has editions in both Australia and New Zealand, tends to bring up the couple a fair amount on account of Kidman’s Australian heritage and Urban’s New Zealand roots. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid a few weeks ago for falsely claiming Kidman and Urban were having another child.  Earlier this month, the outlet ran a similar article to this latest one, saying Urban refuses to support Kidman at red carpet events. The tabloid doesn’t have the faintest clue about what’s actually going on in Kidman’s personal life.


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