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Nicole Kidman never embarked on a "revenge romance" after supposedly being "betrayed" by Keith Urban, despite a report from a year ago. At the time, Gossip Cop explained how photos were sensationalized for a fictional storyline. Now 12 months have gone by, and Kidman and Urban are happily still together.

But on August 19, 2017, Gossip Cop called out the National Enquirer for falsely contending both Kidman and Urban were carrying on with other people. The supermarket tabloid specifically alleged the actress "retaliated" for the country singer's "sleazy behavior." How so? After Urban was "busted groping a groupie, Nicole exacted her revenge by throwing herself at [an] award-winning filmmaker," claimed the magazine.

The narrative was based on a photo of Urban hugging a purported mystery woman, as well as pictures of Kidman at a party for the premiere of "Top Of The Lake: China Girl." Because she was seen closely talking to the project's director, Garth Davis, the outlet manufactured a tale about how Kidman was "on a mission" to "get as much attention as possible from Garth." Maintained the publication, "Nicole knew exactly what she was doing: Getting payback after finding out Keith got way too close to a stunning redhead."

"Nicole did what any self-conscious woman does in these situations. She acted out in the hope it would shake Keith up," a so-called "source" was quoted as saying. But Kidman had no reason to get "revenge," as her husband never did anything wrong in the first place. Far from being caught "groping a groupie," Urban had actually been photographed greeting Alecia Davis, a country music reporter who has worked for "CMT" and "Extra." Davis' Instagram account is filled with photos of her meeting up with music stars, as it's part of her job.

But the tabloid clearly didn't know who Davis was, and so it copied its sister outlet, Star, which was the first to concoct a storyline speculating Urban was getting up to no good behind Kidman's back. The magazine then added in the Garth angle, and the Enquirer followed suit, claiming she was starting her own new romance with the director. In reality, as Gossip Cop said 365 days ago, Urban simply met up with a reporter whom he's known for years and Kidman merely hung out with her colleague at a work event.

The passage of time has since proven our reporting was correct. Neither Kidman nor Urban actually started relationships with their alleged new partners. On the contrary, they remain entirely committed to one another. Two months ago, Urban and Kidman celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, and just a week ago Kidman shared on Instagram an amusing photo of her husband working on music in their hotel bathroom. There was never any "revenge" mission, although Gossip Cop wouldn't blame the couple if they wanted to "retaliate" against the magazines for their bogus reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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