Nicole Kidman Urging Keith Urban To Get Plastic Surgery?

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Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

By Shari Weiss |

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

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Is Nicole Kidman urging Keith Urban to get plastic surgery? And is he refusing? Those are the untrue claims a tabloid is spreading online. Gossip Cop can debunk the report.

“Too Tight! Nicole Kidman Can’t Get Keith Urban To Nip ‘N Tuck,” reads a headline on the National Enquirer website. The accompanying article begins, “Nicole Kidman has been told to forget any more cosmetic surgery — at least when it comes to her macho husband Keith Urban!” According to the gossip magazine, “The country crooner has finally put his boot down and insisted they grow old naturally” after “Nic wanted Keith to try Botox and fillers with her to halt wrinkles as they both turned 50 years old.”

“But,” contends the outlet, “plastic surgery clashes with ‘The Fighter’ hunk’s manly image, and Keith was fed up with whispers that he’s getting fixes like a girl to stay pretty.” A so-called “close source” is quoted as saying Urban “wants to go rugged,” and has encouraged Kidman to “embrace their aging.” But the actress wouldn’t need to be “convinced” by her husband. Kidman actually spoke out against plastic surgery in 2013, echoing negative comments she made about Botox in 2011.

The notion that she’s now pressuring her husband to change his look is “ridiculous,” Gossip Cop is told. Besides, no one genuinely close to the pair would leak their private conversations about beauty or anything else to a dubious supermarket tabloid. Indeed, this is the same publication that just a few months ago accused Kidman of lying about secretly undergoing a “$1 million makeover.” The report was solely based on the opinion of a doctor who never met the Oscar winner, but nonetheless felt it was appropriate to make judgements about her using photos from 1983 and 2017. Yes, the pictures were more than three decades apart in time.

But it’s not only the tabloid that’s guilty of such stories. In November, just a few weeks before the “$1 million makeover” tale, its online sister outlet, RadarOnline, peddled its own piece about Kidman and Urban fighting over Botox and their “frozen faces.” In that narrative, Urban supposedly wanted to “take a break [from] pumping his face full of fillers” and told Kidman to “ease up, too.”

If that sounds suspiciously similar to the article the National Enquirer is currently promoting, that’s because these publications often recycle storylines, regardless of whether they bear any semblance to the truth. That’s why, for example, readers are served up untrue divorce reports again and again. The topic of choice here just happens to be plastic surgery. But there was no dispute between Kidman and Urban about cosmetic procedures last fall, and there still isn’t one this winter. Still, given the gossip media’s cyclical nature, don’t be surprised if yet another Botox-related story pops up later this year.

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