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Nicole Kidman's marriage to Keith Urban has not been saved by the singer Pink. In fact, the marriage was never in trouble. That phony premise is featured in one of the tabloids, but Gossip Cop has the real story.

Kidman and Urban's marriage has been tabloid fodder almost since the day they said "I do" back in 2006, and the most recent false reporting comes from New Idea. An article by the outlet asserts the couple's marriage has been "saved" by Pink, despite their marriage never having been on the rocks. For years, the publication has wrongly predicted the Kidman and Urban were on the verge of divorce, and now it seems the magazine is trying to cover its tracks by insisting their marriage has been "saved."

The magazine quotes a supposed source as saying, "Pink has known Keith for years and they've always been close. The last time they saw each other, he mentioned to Pink that he and Nicole were [having problems]." One of the more outlandish pieces of advice the tabloid claims Pink gave Urban was to "spend some time apart," so the country star did so, and "sure enough, it worked. It made Nicole and Keith realize what they were missing."

It's probably worth noting that the couple often has long periods apart due to Kidman's filming schedule and Urban's touring schedule. It makes no sense that this kind of advice would help at all. The paper also fails to mention where this meeting took place, or when it took place. The publication acknowledges that Pink and her husband Carey Hart have been very public in discussing their trial and tribulations, but makes no mention of how she connected with Urban and imparted the wisdom she's learned. She didn't have to, because Urban's marriage is fine.

This whole bogus premise likely stems from Urban and Kidman's recent red carpet appearance at the CMA Awards, where they displayed some serious PDA for the cameras and looked as close as ever. To cover for its past transgressions, the tabloid scrambled to invent a narrative about the couple making up. To be sure, Gossip Cop checked with Urban's spokesperson who found the piece just as ridiculous as we did and confirmed it was untrue.

New Idea's long history of faulty reporting on the couple has been well documented by Gossip Cop. This past April, we busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Urban was worried Kidman was getting too close to Hugh Grant, her co-star on HBO's The Undoing. The article asserted Kidman was "leaning on Hugh for support" in the midst of alleged problems with Urban. The report was a complete work of fiction. If that wasn't ridiculous enough, in June, the outlet purported Kidman was planning to pose in Playboy to get back at Urban after she supposedly caught him looking at Maren Morris' Playboy shoot. Gossip Cop busted that comical story and time has shown our reporting to be far more accurate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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