Nicole Kidman is not suspicious of Keith Urban's relationship with Miranda Lambert, despite a bogus report. Gossip Cop can bust the story. It's complete fiction.

The premise of the story, which can be found in Woman's Day, is that Urban and Lambert are "reuniting" on stage next summer, and that has Kidman very upset. This fake narrative about Kidman being jealous of every female singer Urban works with is a tried and true subject for the tabloids. This latest story is no different. If the tabloids were ever correct when making this claim, the couple's marriage would have ended years ago. In reality, they've been going strong for 13 years.

In this latest report, the magazine quotes a supposed insider as saying, "[Nicole's] not a fan of Miranda, and to make matters worse, her and Keith have announced a co-headline concert tour in Wisconsin next year. Thankfully Keith's security has been upped and Nicole sees having extra minders as a bonus," as they'll help to keep an eye on Urban. The dubious source adds, "You can't blame Nic for wanting to keep an obsessive eye on this friendship of Miranda and Keith's," adding that Lambert "can get any man she wants."

One of the biggest red flags in the piece is that the tour that Urban and Lambert are supposedly co-headlining isn't a tour at all. Both stars are part of the lineup for the Country Thunder 2020 musical festival in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. According to each artist's tour schedules, they have no other overlapping dates. In fact, the two country stars aren't even scheduled to appear on the same day at the festival, as Lambert is scheduled on July 17 while Urban is playing on July 19. The whole article is built around a faulty premise.

Still, Gossip Cop checked with a spokesperson for Urban, who laughed off the ridiculous story. When it comes to the reporting in Woman's Day, the singer's rep says, "[I] hope that when they're asked by friends and family what they do, that they don't say that they're journalists. That'd be a low blow to all of those that are."

In September, Woman's Day alleged Kidman wanted Taylor Swift to stay away from Urban after he played her song "Lover" at a concert. A clip of the cover was posted to Urban's Instagram account and Swift replied with a touching message of gratitude. This was enough for the tabloid to invent a story of jealousy between Kidman and Urban. Gossip Cop busted that story as well, as there was nothing suspicious about two musicians complementing each other.

In March, a Woman's Day report claimed Kidman was upset that Urban was "getting cozy" with singer Julia Michaels and that Michaels was "very flirtatious around Keith." As with the other two stories, Gossip Cop exposed it as just another attempt to stir up controversy. Kidman even joined Urban on that tour along with their kids to have some quality family time. Kidman isn't constantly jealous of every woman her husband collaborates with. It's a tired and lazy narrative.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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