Where Is Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban’s ‘Miracle Baby’?

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Nicole Kidman in a black dress standing with Keith Urban, who's wearing a black suit, on the red carpet

By Brianna Morton |

Nicole Kidman in a black dress standing with Keith Urban, who's wearing a black suit, on the red carpet

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Exactly one year ago, a tabloid reported that Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban were expecting a “miracle baby.” Gossip Cop investigated the claim and determined it to be totally fabricated. A year later, the supposed “miracle baby” has yet to appear, which makes the false rumor look all the more ridiculous.

Last year, Star published a story claiming Kidman and Urban were pregnant with a “miracle baby.” The Big Little Lies actress was supposedly spotted with what the tabloid called “the beginnings of a baby bump” at the 2019 Golden Globes. According to an unnamed source, Urban followed his supposedly pregnant wife closely and “wouldn’t let her out of his sight and was constantly asking if she wanted a drink — but he didn’t mean the free-flowing Moët.” The phony insider added, “Nicole sipped water and ate very little the whole night.”

Even if this so-called source were to be trusted, this information is purely circumstantial. Nothing the “insider” witnessed means Kidman was pregnant. There’s many reasons a loving husband would be attentive to his wife, and more reasons for a woman to drink water and eat lightly that have nothing to do with a pregnancy.

The tipster really lost all credibility when they began speculating on the possible path Kidman and Urban took to conceive this “miracle baby.” Suspecting the couple turned to IVF for the pregnancy, the source told the magazine, “It would be just like Nicole to try yet another option as a way to grow her family. At her age, IVF would make sense as opposed to trying naturally.”

This whole story was total bunk from beginning to end. The outlet relied on a single source for all of its information, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that it was all made up. Gossip Cop reached out to Kidman’s rep, who is authorized to speak on her behalf, and learned that there was not one shred of truth attached to this story.

Star has made multiple bogus claims about the couple in the past. A couple of months after reporting on the supposed “baby bump” spotted at the Golden Globes, the publication pushed a story that Kidman and Urban were a few weeks pregnant. Gossip Cop could easily debunk this rumor just based on the timeline alone. The tabloid must have forgotten its earlier reporting. Naturally, it would be impossible for Kidman to be a few weeks pregnant in July, while also being a few weeks pregnant in January.

Proving it’s difficult for the publication to get things right, it again reported on the couple last year, claiming Urban and Kidman’s marriage was being torn apart by their busy careers. The outlet hid behind an anonymous source to back up its claim, but Gossip Cop was able to reach out to Urban’s rep who told us, on the record, that the story was untrue. The happy spouses remain together and proud parents to two young girls.


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