Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Did NOT Reveal “Truth About Our Marriage,” Despite Report

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Marriage Truth

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Marriage Truth

(Life And Style)

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban did not reveal the “truth about our marriage,” contrary to a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can expose this deception. This report, about how the couple is “determined to make their marriage work,” was entirely made-up to cover up falsehoods about them divorcing.

Earlier this month, Life & Style wrongly claimed Urban walked out on Kidman and was living in a hotel. The gossip magazine touted a “divorce bombshell,” but a rep for the actress exclusively told Gossip Cop on the record that the allegations were “untrue.” Since then, the couple has appeared loved up at a number of events, including the ACM Awards. So now the outlet is backtracking with a phony cover story that announces, “Nicole & Keith: The Truth About Our Marriage.”

The cover was designed to make readers think the stars spoke with the publication. That never happened. Rather, the article features the tabloid’s untraceable and unidentifiable “sources” discussing their relationship. For instance, one so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “They’re determined to make their marriage work… They’re the best of friends and love each other very much.” In addition, old statements the couple gave to other publications are repurposed here without attribution. For example, the story states: “‘For every single night he’s away,’ Nicole says, ‘he leaves me a love letter.'”

The phrasing with “Nicole says” is intended to lead readers to believe the Oscar winner recently said this to Life & Style. In actuality, Kidman’s quote about love letters is from a 2014 interview with InStyle. Similarly with Urban, the magazine writes, “His addiction, he admits, ’caused the implosion of my fresh marriage.'” That is from a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone.

In addition to plagiarizing old statements and passing them off as new without proper credit, the outlet also regurgitates already debunked contentions, such as Kidman and Urban supposedly going on a “counseling retreat.” Notably, nothing is mentioned about him leaving the actress and moving into a hotel. Even more striking is the online version of this new cover story, which begins by asserting, “Despite there being rumors that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are headed for divorce, a source exclusively tells Life & Style the couple… are still going strong.”

Nowhere does the outlet take responsibility for spreading those divorce “rumors” just two weeks ago. At no point does the publication acknowledge that it was wrong about a split. Instead, the tabloid seems to be pretending it has scored some kind of major scoop and is reporting the “truth” about Urban and Kidman’s marriage. But Gossip Cop has reported the truth all along. Life & Style is shamefully selling fake news after previously peddling lies. And the notion that its “sources” are suddenly knowledgeable after recently offering misinformation is laughable.

In contrast, with help from official spokespeople, Gossip Cop has rightly been separating fact from fiction the entire time. Now we can confirm that this new cover story is fiction, too, even though it’s packaged with a positive spin.


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