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Nicole Kidman is on the verge of filing for divorce from Keith Urban, according to a bogus tabloid article. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. There is evidence the couple is as loved-up as ever.

The untrue report can be found in the pages of the Globe, which contends Kidman has "walked out" on her husband and is "on the brink of filing for divorce." It's alleged the actress is "finally through with Keith's wandering eye, his history of drug addiction and lies." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Nicole has fought so hard for this marriage to work, but the word is she can't do it anymore."

The phrase "the word is" is an indication that this purported "insider" doesn't actually have inside knowledge, but is really just spreading an unsubstantiated rumor. The magazine's untraceable source nonetheless maintains Urban and Kidman "had it out over everything — his cheating, drug use and all the behavior she can no longer stomach." It's claimed, "Things got horrifically tense, and Nicole apparently ended up packing her bags and moving out." The use of "apparently" is another sign that that none of these allegations have been confirmed.

The outlet also presents a credibility issue when it asserts Urban was caught hanging out with a "lovely [woman] he insisted was his sister. But Keith doesn't have a female sibling!" This was already cleared up two weeks ago, when In Touch wanted readers to believe Urban and Kidman were having marriage problems after he supposedly lied about a "mystery woman." In actuality, the stranger who thought Urban said he was with his (nonexistent) "sister" misheard him. As his spokesperson confirmed to Gossip Cop, he actually said "my assistant," not "my sister," and was also joined by not just the assistant but his tour manager as well.

In other words, Urban wasn't really up to anything scandalous, but the Globe is trying to further the rumor that he recently engaged in inappropriate behavior. The publication also claims Kidman "hasn't been an angel either," after she "shared a steamy public smooch" with Alexander Skarsgard. The tabloid conveniently fails to provide any context, leaving out that the kiss took place at last year's Emmys, where Skarsgard had just won an award. Kidman later defended herself, pointing out, "I kissed my husband, too," as he was by her side at the event.

But the tabloid is trying to argue that all of this has "spelled doom for the marriage." The questionable "source" concludes, "It would be sad if they don't work things out, but not a huge surprise given all their problems." Those lines are the magazine's way of hedging its bets. If Urban and Kidman don't divorce, the outlet can just say they "worked things out." And if they do some day split, the publication can say it wasn't a "surprise." The Globe wants it both ways, but the only way that matters is the truth.

And the truth is that less than a week ago, Kidman captioned an Instagram photo of Urban performing with a heart emoji. That's isn't exactly a sign of someone who is on the "brink" of ending her marriage. For his part, Urban shared a photo on Instagram from that same concert, with the picture showing him cheek-to-cheek with his wife. But as Gossip Cop pointed out when Urban and Kidman marked their 12th anniversary in June, the gossip media remains fixated on the couple divorcing, despite all the proof to the contrary. This tale is just the latest example, and is just as wrong as the ones that have come before it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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