Did Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce?

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Divorce Rumor

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Divorce Rumor

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban never divorced, despite a story published last year that claimed they were about to split simply because he hugged another woman. Gossip Cop busted the false report exactly 365 days ago. Now time has proven our reporting was correct.

On August 11, 2017, we called out Star for trying to dupe readers into thinking Urban had been scandously “caught with [a] sexy redhead.” It was alleged he was seen “cozying up to a beautiful redhead” while at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles in late July. The tabloid featured two photos, which merely showed Urban and the woman exchanging a hug and walking at the venue.

“It certainly seemed like there was a real connection between them,” a so-called “eyewitness” claimed, similarly asserting, “It certainly looked as if there was something special.” This same witness also tried to predict Kidman’s reaction, declaring, “I’m sure Nicole will blow a fuse when she sees the pictures!” A similarly untraceable “insider” was also quoted by the magazine as saying, “There have been whispers about trouble between them for a while, and even speculation about a divorce. Given what she’s had to deal with, I just don’t know how much more Nicole can take!”

But the notion that Kidman would be upset her husband hugged someone was ridiculous, or as one contact close to the actress told Gossip Cop, “It’s all B.S.” And while the outlet couldn’t identify the supposed “mystery woman,” we learned it was Alecia Davis, who has covered the country music scene for CMT and “Extra,” among others. She and Urban have a friendly professional relationship, and nothing more. In fact, Davis’ Instagram page is filled with photos of her posing with country stars, so the fact that she was photographed with Urban was nothing out of the ordinary.

Still, Star continued with its off-base storyline a week later, falsely announcing Urban and Kidman had separated after they each got close to other people. So wrong was this cover story, Gossip Cop named it one of our top rumors of 2017. What’s more is the publication followed up its two erroneous reports last August with a new story in October that claimed Kidman and Urban were “back from the brink” of a split. Of course, as we had already reported, they were never on the verge of splitting in the first place. This was the tabloid’s attempt at damage control: It spread more fake news in an effort to explain why the couple was still happily together.

More recently, in June, Gossip Cop pointed out that Urban and Kidman celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary after another year of false divorce rumors. Now a full 12 months have gone by since the bust we’re re-examining here, and it’s apparent the stars are still together. Was Kidman really divorcing Urban because he hugged another woman? The answer is clearly no, just as Gossip Cop rightly said a year ago.


Alecia Davis on Instagram - @alecadavis1.

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