Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Marriage Being Torn Apart By Their Busy Careers?

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Careers Marriage

By Andrew Shuster |

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Careers Marriage

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage is not being torn apart by their busy careers and separate schedules, despite a false report. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. We’ve learned there’s simply no truth to it.

According to Star, the spouses of 13 years have shifted priorities when it comes to choosing their relationship over work and are starting to live separate lives. “Nicole and Keith are both so into their careers right now,” a supposed source tells the magazine. “No one faults them for wanting to be successful, but it leaves so little downtime together as a family and, more importantly, as husband and wife. Work is their passion – but it’s also the thing that’s going to drive them apart.”

Urban is spending most of the summer on the road for his Graffiti U tour, while Kidman is shooting her HBO series “The Undoing,” but the alleged insider contends that they never intended to spend the summer apart and “sidetracked” plans to take time off together. “His tour was ending and she’d promised to keep her schedule clear,” says the anonymous tipster, “but Nicole doesn’t know how to say no to all these opportunities that keep cropping up, and the next thing they knew, Keith had concerts booked clear through October.”

The questionable source adds, “Keith’s friends say he was definitely not happy that they had to cancel their summer plans. Everyone hopes they can find a way to steal time together this summer, because the way things stand now, it’s looking lonely for both of them.”

The outlet hides behind an untraceable “source” to sell its phony story, but Gossip Cop checked in with Urban’s rep, who tells us on the record it’s untrue. We’re assured the country star and Kidman aren’t having marital issues due to their work schedules. The two stars have had busy careers throughout their 13-year marriage, yet always find time for each other. The idea they’re being “torn apart” by work simply isn’t true.

It’s not particularly surprising that Star has zero insight into the couple’s marriage. In January, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Kidman and Urban were expecting a “miracle baby.” Kidman and Urban, who share two young daughters, have no plans to expand their family.

Gossip Cop has also called out the publication for writing multiple stories about Kidman and Urban getting a divorce, typically as a result of alleged cheating. In reality, neither star has ever been unfaithful. This latest article is yet another attempt at creating nonexistent problems between the happy spouses.

The couple celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, and both commemorated the milestone on social media. Urban shared an Instagram post saying, “Thirteen years of magic, music, romance, wild adventures, and the ongoing discovery of pure love. Happy Anniversary Babygirl.” Kidman posted an Instagram photo of her husband kissing her on the forehead, along with the caption, “love… Happy Anniversary Baby.” The tabloid’s take on their marriage is just baseless.


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