The tabloids frequently claim Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are having another baby, despite the parents of two having no desire to do so. Gossip Cop has debunked many phony stories about the spouses expanding their family. Here are five wrong rumors.

Last month, Gossip Cop called out Star for falsely claiming the couple was expecting a "miracle baby." According to the magazine, the 51-year-old actress managed to get pregnant following a series of IVF treatments. An alleged insider even believed Kidman was showing "the beginnings of a baby bump" at the 2019 Golden Globes. Kidman's own spokesperson, however, went on the record to dismiss the story. Meanwhile the actress herself has made it clear she's done having kids. Just last month, Kidman told People magazine that she and Urban would have had more kids if they had met at a younger age, but they're happy with two at this point.

Last November, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for wrongly reporting that Kidman and Urban were looking into either adoption or surrogacy to have a baby boy. The magazine said the parents of two young girls were determined to have a son. A rep for the country star, however, told us the story was fabricated. And in addition to what the actress told People magazine last month, Kidman also told "Entertainment Tonight" in 2017 that she's "past [the] point" of having more children. "But I'm very thrilled with what I have," added the actress, who went on to say that her husband has told her, "Let's just enjoy what we have!"

Last October, Gossip Cop debunked an In Touch story about Kidman and Urban having another baby to save their supposedly troubled marriage. The magazine further maintained that the spouses planned to raise the child in Australia. A rep for Kidman shot down the rumors of both a baby and marital drama. People magazine even published an article last year detailing Kidman and Urban's "secrets to a healthy, long-lasting relationship."

Gossip Cop busted New Idea last July for claiming Kidman and Urban were gearing up to make a major "family announcement" about having a third child. The bogus story emerged after Kidman shared an Instagram photo of her and Urban holding a baby. The outlet didn't bother to mention that the picture was a throwback photo of the couple holding their 10-year-old daughter Sunday when she was an infant. The actress shared the photo in honor of the young girl's birthday. And as time has proven, the couple hasn't announced any baby news.

And finally, Gossip Cop called out RadarOnline in March 2017 for wrongly reporting that Kidman was trying to get pregnant by that May. That never happened and the actress never attempted to make it happen. A rep for Kidman told us at the time the story was published that it was nonsense. The passage of time has made that even more clear.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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