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Monday marks Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's 12th wedding anniversary. They were married on June 25, 2006. It also marks the end of another year filled with false rumors about the couple divorcing. Below, Gossip Cop takes a look back at five of the wrong stories.

Last August, Star published a cover story declaring Kidman and Urban were "separated," and touting a "$300 million divorce bombshell." It was alleged she was "fed up" with his "wandering eye" and "moved a continent away, while getting her revenge with a flirtation of her own." The narrative was concocted after Urban was seeing hugging a "sexy redhead," but the tabloid failed to tell readers the woman was a country music journalist whom he's known for years. As proof that Kidman was splitting from Urban, the magazine claimed she was getting close to director Garth Davis, even though they were merely photographed talking at an after-party for the premiere of "Top of the Lake: China Girl."

And the contention that she left Urban and took their daughters to Australia was twisted, too. The real reasons Kidman went Down Under was for that premiere and to start work on a new project, nothing that had to do with ending her marriage. In October, the publication tried to get out from under its pile of lies by peddling fake news about Kidman and Urban being "back from the brink" of divorce. But as Gossip Cop rightly reported, they were never on the brink in the first place.

Just a few months ago, In Touch did its own cover story announcing a "divorce" for the couple. This March report claimed the stars tried to save their marriage by attending a "counseling retreat," but were unsuccessful. They were said to be "fighting constantly over Nicole's incessant jealousy and need to control Keith on every level," with a so-called "source" alleging, "Keith said he couldn't continue to live in a marriage where he felt he was being constantly monitored like one of her children." A spokesperson for Kidman, however, confirmed to Gossip Cop that the narrative was a "complete fabrication." They had not participated in a "counseling retreat," and their relationship was not ending. In fact, in an interview just two weeks prior to this untrue tale, Urban explained why his marriage to Kidman is still strong. He also noted, "I am so unbelievably proud of her."

But in early April, Woman's Day alleged Kidman had secretly met with the same divorce lawyer who represented Katie Holmes in her split from their mutual ex-husband, Tom Cruise. The tabloid claimed Kidman wanted to "know where she stood" if she decided to file for divorce from Urban. A so-called "source" said of the attorney, "She feels confident that he could help her win, no matter how nasty it gets." Kidman's rep told Gossip Cop there was no truth to the story, which time has proven. Kidman has not filed for divorce in the months since this article was published. And while the story also asserted the couple was "fighting constantly," it had nothing to back that up. A few weeks prior, Urban gushed about Kidman at SXSW, sharing how she's his inspiration.

Life & Style and In Touch both published reports on the same April day contending Urban had "walked out" on Kidman, and was now living in a Los Angeles hotel. The latter magazine even illustrated its piece with a photo of the performer with a suitcase, but didn't tell readers that the picture of Urban was taken in Sydney as he headed out on tour following their 10th anniversary in 2016. This old snapshot was presented context-free because neither outlet had real evidence to support its claims. Another clear sign that these stories were phony was that Life & Style claimed Urban's friendship with John Mayer was the "main cause" of his problems with Kidman, while In Touch merely called the musician "another source of friction" beyond the alleged jealousy and control issues it claimed in March. Kidman's spokesperson assured Gossip Cop the reports were "untrue, as always."

Also in April, New Idea did a cover story about a "$413 million divorce" after Kidman and Urban supposedly spent "91 days apart." The publication repeated the debunked claims about Urban moving out and tension due to Mayer, as well as the false claims about a "counseling retreat" and Kidman meeting with a divorce lawyer. On top of all of those busted allegations, the tabloid also contended the couple was preparing to divide their assets and figure out a custody agreement. But in very telling timing, this issue came out right as Kidman and Urban cuddled up on the AMC Awards red carpet. Their loving display proved no divorce was in the works, just as Gossip Cop said there wasn't.

More recently, last week Urban had everyone in the arena at his concert sing "Happy Birthday" in Kidman's honor. The actress later shared video of the moment on Instagram, writing, "What a gift." There is a wealth of evidence showing that Kidman and Urban were united over this past year and still are as they celebrate their 12th anniversary. Unfortunately, it's likely that the tabloids will still spread more split storylines during the next 12 months. Gossip Cop will continue to call out the wrong rumors as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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