One of this week's tabloids claims Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are having marriage problems because he lied about the identity of a "mystery woman" spotted with him at a convenience store in New Jersey. The premise is wholly inaccurate. Gossip Cop can exclusively clear up the situation.

Last week, a retired teacher named Ruth Reed picked up Urban's tab at a New Jersey Wawa after his credit card got declined. She recounted the interaction in a Facebook post, writing, "He thanked me and asked my name. I asked him his and he told me it was Keith. I said that he did look like Keith Urban. He said he was." Reed added, "I didn't believe him. I asked where Nicole [Kidman] was and who was the lady [he was with]. He told me it was his sister." Urban, however, doesn't have a sister. More on that later.

According to In Touch, the country star said the woman with him was his sister in order to hide her identity, "and his lie could have a devastating effect on his already-shaky marriage to Nicole." An alleged insider tells the magazine, "If Nicole found out Keith lied to her about another woman, she'd be furious. Their marriage has been slowly crumbling for a long time, and she's been struggling to hold it together."

The supposed source adds, "This incident is a game changer. It seemed he tripped up by saying it was his sister when he doesn't have a sister. A scandal like this is the last thing their marriage needs right now."

Admittedly, the whole "sister" thing is a bit confusing, so Gossip Cop checked in with Urban's rep for an explanation. There's a perfectly good one. The country singer's spokesperson tells us, "Well 'assistant' is awfully close to 'sister.' It was his personal assistant. He was there with his tour manager as well." Simply put, Reed misheard "assistant" as "sister." Mystery solved.

The tabloid's claims of marital drama are completely baseless as well. Last week, Kidman shared a funny Instagram photo of Urban recording a song in the bathroom of their hotel, so she's clearly amused by her husband, not angry with him. In fact, the actress's social media page is filled with evidence that their marriage is going strong. Despite the outlet alleging their relationship has been "crumbling for a long time," Kidman shared an Instagram video celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary this past June.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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