One of this week's tabloids claims Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes are planning to work together on a "Hollywood production." The story was seemingly manufactured simply because both actresses were married to Tom Cruise. Gossip Cop can debunk the premise.

Grazia, a magazine based in the UK, claims to have learned from "LA-based insiders" that Cruise's exes are teaming up on a project. An alleged insider tells the outlet, "Katie and Nicole have exchanged messages via their agents. But out of respect to Tom it's been kept private." The supposed source adds, "Obviously, they share common ground, and feel it's finally time for them to be able to work on something together. There have been covert communications."

The tabloid further contends that Holmes also reached out to Kidman "for advice on how to rebuild her career" in the wake of her high-profile divorce from Cruise. "There's certainly nothing stopping them working together," adds the questionable tipster. "Nicole was wary about it at first, but as more time has passed, she has warmed to the idea. Nicole's agents have stressed that if it does happen it should be an ensemble piece rather than casting them both as leads in a big drama. Either would, it would cause a huge spectacle."

The outlet provides zero details about the so-called "Hollywood production" that Kidman and Holmes are supposedly discussing. The magazine doesn't even mention if it's a movie or TV series. It's always a red flag when a tabloid can't offer specifics to back up a story. Regardless, the article is based on claims from anonymous "insiders," but Gossip Cop checked in with Holmes' rep, who tells us on the record that it's "untrue." There haven't been any discussions between her and Kidman.

Meanwhile, both actresses already have projects lined up. It was reported last month that Holmes will be starring in a sequel to the 2016 horror movie The Boy. That film is scheduled to start shooting in January. Kidman is attached to produce and star in the Amazon series "The Expatriates," which also goes into production next year.

It's also worth noting, Hollywood trade publications almost always break major scoops in the movie and TV industry, but not a single outlet has reported that Kidman and Holmes are in talks for a project together. Here's what's really happening. Grazia decided to cast a fantasy project starring two of Cruise's ex-wives. Gossip Cop can confirm that there's no such project in the works.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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