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Nicole Kidman and Justin Theroux are "hiding" chemistry and their growing closeness from Keith Urban and Jennifer Aniston, according to a completely untrue report. Gossip Cop can debunk this made-up story, which seems to have been sparked simply because Kidman and Theroux both attended a Louis Vuitton event last month. We're told the claim is just plain false.

In the wake of that, New Idea is blaring on the front of its latest issue, "Busted! Justin & Nicole Dinner Date Caught On Camera!" And online, the Australian tabloid declares in a headline, "Keith and Jen's shock: What Nicole and Justin are hiding," further asserting, "Two stars have been left devastated." The crux of the story is the claim that Kidman and Theroux plan to "team up in a new blockbuster TV project," and Urban and Aniston have been "left red-faced and jealous by the shock casting development."

A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "For Jen, she just worries that it's another Brad and Ange situation... She's always going to be wary of Justin spending long hours apart from her, especially with a beautiful A-list star like Nicole." For Urban, another alleged "source" supposedly claims to the gossip magazine, "He's worried about sending [Kidman] off to spend long days and weeks filming with an actor she clearly has a great relationship with."

Tellingly, the outlet admits "details on Justin and Nicole's new project are a little hazy." That's because no such project actually exists. Kidman's next TV endeavor will be season two of "Big Little Lies," and Theroux is unconnected to the series. Still, one of the purported "sources" maintains Kidman is "desperate to find a project they can both sink their teeth into."

To recap: Theroux and Kidman were not "caught" on a "dinner date," but happened to both attend a star-studded event for Louis Vuitton that scores of others were at. They're not actually "hiding" anything, but are supposedly planning to work on a project together, upsetting their respective partners. Yet there's no actual television project in the works. It seems readily apparent that New Idea just happened to see photos of Theroux and Kidman sitting next to each other at the aforementioned celebrity gathering and simply concocted a fake narrative to give the appearance of scandal.

But Gossip Cop already proved that the tabloid is untrustworthy when, a month ago, it made-up a cover story about Aniston being pregnant and also adopting. Unsurprisingly, neither of those claims are mentioned in this new tale about the actress' purported concerns about Theroux working closely with another woman. Perhaps consistency means as much to the magazine as accuracy, which is to say neither seem to matter at all.

There's nothing brewing between Theroux and Kidman, and their spouses aren't "devastated," except in the outlet's imagination. But don't take our word. While the magazine hinges its piece on nameless "sources," for whom they have no accountability at all, reps for both Theroux and Kidman assure Gossip Cop on the record there's nothing going on between them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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