Nicole Kidman NOT Worried About Keith Urban & Jennifer Lopez, Despite Report

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Nicole Kidman Jennifer Lopez

By Daniel Gates |

Nicole Kidman Jennifer Lopez

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Nicole Kidman is NOT moving to Los Angeles to “keep tabs” on husband Keith Urban, despite a National Enquirer report claiming the actress is worried about Urban shooting “American Idol” with “hot-to-trot man-eater Jennifer Lopez.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story, which alleges Kidman is planning to attend “Idol” tapings so Lopez “knows she’s there.”

“Nic’s worried sick over what they might get up to behind her back,” explains a so-called “source” for the outlet. “That’s why she’s not going to let her husband out of her sight!” The Enquirer explains that Urban and Lopez’s “flirt fest” last year led to marital problems. “Nic and Keith’s pals denied it at the time, but there was a lot of tension over their closeness,” says the magazine’s insider.

According to the Enquirer, now that Lopez is single, Kidman is “terrified the three-time divorcee will try to steal her man.” The outlet’s source says, “Nic’s going to be watching them like a hawk. Nic knows someone on set who’s telling her what is going on.”

Here’s what actually happened. The Enquirer, which back in September ran a shameful story suggesting Kidman was “suicidal,” realized that “American Idol” is back on the air and needed a sensational angle. So it decided to trust “sources” who believe something unprofessional might happen between Lopez and Urban. That’s it. No evidence, no specifics. Just an empty claim. A rep for Kidman tells Gossip Cop exclusively there’s no truth to the report that she’s worried about her husband and his colleague.


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