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Nicole Kidman is not "furious" with Jennifer Aniston and her husband Keith Urban for having a "secret rendezvous," because it never happened, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news story that alleges Kidman was "reeling" that Urban and the former "Friends" star had a private meet-up. Not only are we told it's a complete lie, but more importantly we can also easily prove it.

According to the often disproven New Idea, Kidman was "livid when she saw the pair had been out to dinner together." The tabloid asserts the "Big Little Lies" star "felt her husband had betrayed her trust." An either ill-informed or possibly made-up "source close to the actress" claims, "Nicole absolutely hit the roof when she found out Keith and Jen had been out to dinner together." The almost assuredly concocted "source" continues, "She knew nothing about their night out until much later and she really felt like she'd been betrayed."

The same alleged "insider" contends Urban reassured Kidman, "There's nothing going on and they were just meeting up to discuss a new project together." Still, maintains the unnamed source, "[Kidman] can't help but be worried." The highly suspect tipster further shares that Kidman "knows Jen is really charismatic and funny, and could imagine there being chemistry between the pair."

But that's not the end of the fake quotes. The purported "insider" also states, "The fact that Jen has just filed for divorce means that people are going to put two and two together." "Seeing Keith out with Jen having such a lovely time is going to make her feel jealous," adds the phony "source."

There's more nonsense, but Gossip Cop is going to cut it off right here. Glaringly, the tabloid does not mention some journalism basics, including noting when or where Aniston and Urban secretly met up. Was it in New York, Los Angeles, or even at the palace in Genovia? And when did they have this "secret rendezvous"? Was it yesterday, two months ago, or just a week from... never?

And how exactly did Kidman find out about Aniston and Urban's supposed "dinner together"? The untrustworthy magazine says, "She saw the pair had been out to dinner," but "knew nothing about their night out until much later." One naturally infers that Kidman must have seen photos of her husband wining and dining Aniston or perhaps read an article about it. There's one tiny problem with that: We searched and there are absolutely no recent photos or articles about Urban and Aniston sharing a meal together.

Another tip-off that the tabloid's reporting skills are not exactly up to par is the line about how "Jen has just filed for divorce." Actually, Aniston and Justin Theroux announced in mid-February they had split, but neither has filed divorce papers. That, however, is the least of the publication's problems.

Naturally, New Idea didn't have any photos of Urban and Aniston together, so it tried to muddy the waters by illustrating its article with a picture of the actress presumably leaving a restaurant, a concerned looking Kidman in the middle, and a photo of the country singer looking carefree after a fun meal. While Gossip Cop admittedly couldn't identify the origins of the Kidman and Aniston photos, we discovered the image the tabloid used of Urban was cropped so that Kidman herself was cut out of the frame, which had captured the happy couple after a Valentine's Day dinner in 2013.

The magazine, which teases this story on the cover of its current issue, also has a photo of Aniston and Kidman looking awkwardly together at another event. Gossip Cop found that the picture of the women caught in a weird pose was taken at the 2017 Academy Awards. However, Aniston and Kidman are friends, as clearly seen in the photo of them backstage during the same Oscars ceremony (see above).

And while Gossip Cop has already transparently proven how the tabloid's tale is simply a work of fiction, we still reached out to reps, as a last step in our fact-checking. We have yet to hear back from Urban's spokesperson. Aniston's rep, however, tells us on the record the alleged "secret rendezvous" or "dinner together," as claimed by the tabloid, "never happened." Given that, it's hardly surprising that Kidman's rep confirms to us that it's untrue she is upset about a nonexistent dinner date.

Curiously, the publication makes no mention how it previously tried to do a variation on this theme with Kidman and Theroux. Back in December, well before Aniston and her husband split, the tabloid ran a completely fictitious article about how Theroux and Kidman were "hiding" their chemistry from Aniston and Urban after sharing dinner together. The reality was Kidman and Theroux simply attended the same Louis Vuitton event in New York, along with a list of other celebrities. The was no truth whatsoever to that story and there's none to the current article that manufactured a fake dinner date with Urban and Aniston.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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