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Around this time last year, a tabloid claimed Nicole Kidman was “jealous” of Taylor Swift. The reason why was because her husband, Keith Urban, covered Swift’s song, “Lover” which upset Kidman. Gossip Cop busted the phony story when it came out. We’re taking a look back at this bogus story.

Keith Urban And Taylor Swift Sweet Exchange

Last year, Urban performed at the Washington Fair State and the country star shared a video of himself with his band covering Taylor Swift’s song, “Lover.” The singer wrote the caption, "Every now and then you hear a song that you love and wish you'd written,” which Swift reposted with the response, "MY HEART EXPLODED INTO CONFETTI HEARTS THANK YOU." A week later, Woman’s Day concocted the narrative that Kidman wanted Swift to stay away from Urban.

Nicole Kidman Panicked Over The Interaction?

An alleged insider told the magazine, "Everyone is talking about how much Taylor looks like Nicole in her youth and it's freaking Nic out. The dubious insider added Kidman started questioning the idea of Urban and Swift working together, which the publication contended didn’t sit well with the actress. "What if Taylor and Keith start making music together and he falls for her? What if they connect over more than music?" continued the unnamed tipster. The so-called source further contended, Kidman thought the singer's "outpouring of thanks to Keith was a little over the top," and now she's "ready to tell her to back away."

Taylor Swift performing with Keith Urban.

The Truth Behind Nicole And Keith's Marriage

The tabloid was trying to create drama from a simple scenario. There was never anything more than admiration and respect going on between Swift and Urban, who have worked together in the past. At the time, Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson for Kidman who confirmed there was no truth to the story. Plus, Swift was, and still is, in a relationship with Joe Alwyn, and we highly doubted Swift had eyes for anyone else. Moreover, this wasn’t the first time Woman’s Day asserted Urban and Kidman were having marital problems.

Just last week, we busted the magazine for claiming Keith Urban ditched Nicole Kidman and their daughters in Australia. The outlet’s premise purported the singer “up and left” his wife and children to perform at the iHeartMusic Festival and because he was having problems with the actress. Gossip Cop was sure that Kidman was aware of her husband’s performance at the festival and there was no evidence to support the two were having issues.

Last September, we debunked another report from the outlet that asserted Kidman hit “rock bottom” after dealing with professional and personal problems. Once again, this was a poor attempt by the tabloid to try and create strife between Kidman and Urban, when there wasn’t any.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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