Nicole Kidman “Drooling Over” ‘Aquaman’ Co-Star Jason Momoa Is Fake News

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Nicole Kidman Jason Momoa Aquaman

By Andrew Shuster |

Nicole Kidman Jason Momoa Aquaman

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A new tabloid report alleges Nicole Kidman is “drooling over” Jason Momoa on the set of the upcoming superhero movie Aquaman, but the report is more fake news that Gossip Cop can debunk.

The latest issue of OK! features an article claiming the actress has a major crush on Momoa, who plays her son in the DC Comics film. A supposed on-set “source” tells the magazine that Kidman is always gushing about the actor having “the most incredible body she’s ever seen,” adding, “They’re filming in Australia, so she’s been generously showing him all of her favorite spots.”

The outlet’s dubious insider further purports that the actress’s husband, Keith Urban, is unhappy about his wife’s supposed infatuation with her co-star, who also happens to be married. Only, there’s one major issue with the tabloid’s ill-timed report. Aquaman only began filming on Wednesday, the same day that this phony story was published. The film’s director, James Wan, announced the start of production earlier on Twitter with a photo of the movie’s clapperboard reading “Day 1.”

It’s not uncommon for tabloids to create imaginary on-set flirting between co-stars, but usually the publications wait until the actors are actually filming scenes together. Regardless, Gossip Cop is also told by a source close to Kidman that the tabloid’s story is entirely untrue.

Of course, we’ve repeatedly called out OK! for its many tall tales about the actress, so this latest piece of fiction comes as no surprise. Gossip Cop recently busted the magazine for falsely claiming Urban gave Kidman an ultimatum to choose either her career or their marriage. We also corrected the tabloid’s bogus cover story that wrongly reported Kidman was pregnant with a “miracle baby” at 49. As for this latest fabrication, perhaps OK! should hold off on spreading on-set romance rumors until the co-stars have actually arrived on set.

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