Nicole Kidman ‘Skin And Bones’ After Heartbreak And Trauma?

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cover of NW with Nicole Kidman in a black dress, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and reality stars

By Griffin Matis |

cover of NW with Nicole Kidman in a black dress, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and reality stars


Nicole Kidman is not “skin and bones” or “heartbroken” over her relationship with husband Keith Urban. It’s just another made-up rumor about the actress from a tabloid. Gossip Cop found the story to be ridiculous.

Despite a headline that flaunts “Nicole’s Trauma,” NW initially sticks to the familiar laundry list of reasons that a star might be stressed. The tabloid claims that a combination of Kidman’s “work schedule, a strained marriage and anxiety over yet another movie flopping” have taken a toll on the actress. “Nicole has always been skinny, but lately it’s gotten to a point where she’s looking downright sick,” a supposed “insider” tells the magazine. “Apparently her bones are brittle and you only have to look at her to see that her body’s as weak as ever.”

“Nicole’s a perfectionist who puts herself under extraordinary pressure to succeed in everything she does,” the alleged tipster says. “When things don’t go to plan, she takes it to heart and is tough company to be around, to say the least.” The outlet also takes Kidman’s statements about filming stressful scenes out of context to use as further proof her having “trauma.” During the Toronto International Film Festival, Kidman explained how difficult it can be to film scenes that are traumatic or stressful for the character. She did not at any point say it was affecting her personal life or health, nor did she actually speak to the tabloid about those experiences.

The whole situation, the outlet claims, has impacted Kidman’s marriage to Urban. “It’s got to the stage where he’s done banging his head against the wall because she simply will not listen to anyone’s advice about adjusting her lifestyle,” the supposed source says. “It’s like she’s constantly charging around, running herself into the ground with work and her appetite is virtually non-existent.”

“As much as they want to make it work, it’s tough,” the anonymous insider continues. “The constant traveling followed by trips away to reconnect aren’t really working anymore.” The “trips away” is a reference to the oft-repeated type of rumor that twists celebrity couple’s travel plans into desperate attempts to save their relationship. Gossip Cop called out Life & Style for a phony story about Kidman and Urban’s July trip to Australia being a failed effort to work on their marriage.

Aside from the fact it’s totally absurd to think that some random “insider” has insights into both Kidman’s personal life and her medical history, Gossip Cop ran the story by the actress’s spokesperson. Kidman’s rep tells us on the record there’s “no truth” to the tabloid’s report.

There’s also one other suspicious aspect of the magazine’s article. The tabloid uses a photo of Kidman in an awkward moment as evidence of her “skin and bones” appearance, but the photo is from the premiere of The Goldfinch at the beginning of September. First off, wouldn’t she be in a grave state if she’d been in such poor condition for more than a month? Second, take a look at this photo of Kidman from that same event.

Nicole Kidman smiles in a strapless black dress surrounded by red carpet attendees

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Kidman looks as normal and healthy as ever, despite how suspiciously shaded the tabloid’s photo appears. Gossip Cop has thoroughly addressed the familiar rumors about the actress’s reaction to her latest film’s reception, like when we busted Woman’s Day for a bogus article about Kidman hitting “rock bottom” due to the critical response to The Goldfinch. As we concluded then, Kidman is in a good place despite the film’s reception.

Gossip Cop has also looked into the rumors about Kidman and Urban’s marriage from almost every angle and found no evidence of “heartbreak.” Those stories range from Kidman quitting Hollywood to save her marriage to Kidman leaving Urban over his supposed lack of support for her career.  The spouses continue to be incredibly supportive of one another, and despite the gossip media’s repeated insistence otherwise, remain happily married with no heartbreak in sight. Considering the tabloid had to misconstrue Kidman’s words on trauma, there’s simply nothing true about NW‘s latest piece.


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