Nicole Kidman Embarrassed By Old Modeling Photos On “Graham Norton Show” (VIDEO)

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Nicole Kidman Graham Norton Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Nicole Kidman Graham Norton Show Video

(Graham Norton Show)

Nicole Kidman was (amusingly) embarrassed by her old modeling photos on Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show.” Check out the video below!

Kidman and Lion co-star Dev Patel were on the British program to discuss their new movie. But as Graham Norton is wont to do, the host had a few surprises in store. And for the actress, that meant revealing that the Australian magazine Dolly is going out of business… but he had her decades-old shots from the publication.

Norton showed off an old cover, featuring a teenage Kidman with a huge head of red curls. “Looking stunning,” Norton quipped, to which she asked, “Are you being facetious?!” He insisted she really did “look fabulous,” and Kidman admitted that she actually dyed her hair red for the shoot.

Norton went on to reveal more photos, much to Patel’s delight and Kidman’s mortification. “Oh, god, you’re brutal,” she told the host. And when he was ready to unveil another picture, she exclaimed, “You’re so mean! Are you doing this to anybody else?!”

Amid all the laughs, Kidman actually expressed some regret, confessing that years of dyeing and straightening her hair had taken its toll. She quite seriously told the audience, “Anyone that has curly hair that’s young, keep your curly hair. Don’t straighten it, because after a while, you don’t get your curls back.”

She explained, “After a while, they kind of just become [a] frizz mess. I mean, that is frizz mess, but I kind of like that!” Norton hilariously added at the end, “Dolly Magazine, R.I.P.” Watch below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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