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Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban fighting over LeAnn Rimes? A tabloid alleges the actress isn’t okay with her husband working with his fellow country singer. Gossip Cop investigates.

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LeAnn Rimes Is Coming Between Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban?

Another tabloid is claiming Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are having marital problems. This time, the cause is LeAnn Rimes. According to New Idea, Kidman “hit the roof” when Urban wrote down Rimes on his list of potential duet partners for the new year. An insider purports the actress is urging Urban to cut all ties with his old tour buddy.

“Keith had no idea Nicole felt so strongly about LeAnn but he’s only got himself to blame. He clearly forgot there were rumors he and LeAnn got super close when they toured together way back in his party days,” the source claims. The tabloid then notes when Rimes and Urban toured in 2003. “Keith’s the first to admit his memories are sketchy from those years and there’s a good chance he might have made a play for LeAnn. But he was surprised at Nicole’s reaction. He’s done all the apologizing and regrets many times over those days,” the source continues.

Nicole Is On High Alert Because Of LeAnn's Past?

The insider adds the country singers “have crossed paths” many times at the CMAs over the years and though the encounters were friendly, Urban “forgets” Kidman. “She never loses her cool, even when faced with one of his possible conquests,” the insider maintains. The unnamed source reveals because of Rimes’ history, her infamous affair with Eddie Cibrian, Kidman is on high alert when the singer is around. “And,” the source divulges “it’s meant Keith has to abandon any dreams of working with LeAnn again.”

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban's Marriage Is Just Fine, Here's The Proof

Gossip Cop can’t stress enough how many times we’ve corrected the notion that Nicole Kidman is jealous of women working with Keith Urban. Not to mention the fact that we’ve busted the idea Kidman and Urban are having marital problems. This latest tale is no different. Rather than just trust the words of an untraceable source, Gossip Cop learned from our own source that it's not true and we believe that to be the case. Recently, Kidman even opened up about her marriage to Urban during an interview with Today, saying,

He's such a good man, as I've said before. I'm married to a really good man. And the kids have a great father and that's a very beautiful thing to be able to say.

Additionally, New Idea is another tabloid that has been debunked by us for being unreliable about reporting on Kidman and Urban. In October, the magazine asserted Kidman raced to "save" Urban. Last month, the same publication alleged Urban was livid about Kidman reuniting with Alexander Skarsgard. Gossip Cop dismissed these reports and will continue to expose these bogus narratives.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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