Nicole Kidman, Elisabeth Moss NOT Feuding On ‘Top Of The Lake’ Set, Despite Report

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Nicole Kidman Elisabeth Moss

By Michael Lewittes |

Nicole Kidman Elisabeth Moss

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Nicole Kidman is not having a “showdown” with Elisabeth Moss on the Australian set of their TV series “Top Of The Lake,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this falsehood. We’re it’s “untrue.”

According to Star, the two women are feuding over Tom Cruise, from whom Kidman split 15 years ago. The tabloid claims Moss, “a devout Scientologist just like Tom, blames Nicole for hurting Tom’s reputation.” The repeatedly disproven magazine quotes a supposed “insider” as saying, “Elisabeth is super loyal to Scientology and therefore to Tom and talks about Nicole on set.” The same so-called source adds that one at point, “Things got very heated. Nicole told her to mind her own business.”

The publication further alleges “Nicole was annoyed by Elisabeth proselytizing about her controversial religion.” Its purported “insider” says, “It makes Nicole crazy… The last thing she wants to hear is Elisabeth trying to recruit people to a religion Nicole feels is toxic.” “At this point, the two women should avoid each other at all cost,” concludes the outlet’s questionable source.

Gossip Cop thinks the writers at the magazine missed their calling. With articles like the latest one about Kidman and Moss, they should be writing dramas such as “Top Of The Lake.” In any case, Gossip Cop investigated, and we’re told Kidman has “zero issues” with Moss, and any such claims are “untrue.” And Moss’ rep also confirms the two women have complete “respect” for one another.

Star doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record with Kidman. Gossip Cop busted the webloid when it wrongly claimed in a 2014 cover story that Kidman and Keith Urban were getting divorced. And we again corrected an Urban and Kidman divorce article in 2015. Much like those inaccuracies, the latest piece about Kidman having a “showdown” with Moss is similarly false.

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