One of this week's tabloids claim Nicole Kidman uses an array of "creepy" beauty fads in an effort to look young. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

An alleged insider tells Heat, "As Nicole gets older, she worries about all the glamorous leading roles drying up and only being offered supporting or character-based roles. She's essentially embarked on a search for the Fountain of Youth and things are getting weird." According to the magazine's supposed source, the actress "installed special 'micro' lights all over her home, which are supposed to spot wrinkles before they actually emerge. It costs $10,000 for a set of three, and she has about 20 of them."

As for facial treatments, the questionable tipster says Kidman "has tried pig placenta facials, midnight acupuncture, ultrasound blasts that shake the house, and even buttock skin injections!" The actress's most outrageous beauty regimen is said to be the so-called "coffin room" she installed in her Nashville home. "She gets into a coffin, and the part around her face is reduced to freezing temperatures for 30 minutes to lock in the collagen," says the seemingly phony source. "Of all the things she's tried Nicole thinks this is the best. The trouble is, it's given her a bit of a 'frozen' look."

The tabloid's bizarre story is based on claims from an anonymous and seemingly imaginary "insider," but Gossip Cop checked in with Kidman's spokesperson, who tells us on the record it's complete nonsense. Despite what the magazine's supposed "source" claims, a rep qualified to speak on the actress's behalf confirms she doesn't try any of the strange methods mentioned in the magazine.

It's worth noting, Kidman has been the Global Brand Ambassador for Neutrogena since 2017. The actress explained in an interview that she partnered with the cosmetics company because she's been using their products for years. Kidman also recently told Harper's Bazaar about her skin and beauty routine, which includes various Neutrogena products, such as makeup wipes, sunscreens and anti-aging creams. There was no mention of pig placenta or freezing cold coffins.

It should be mentioned, this isn't the first time we've had to call out Heat for making up a story about the actress's skincare routine. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for claiming Kidman spends $7,000 in beauty treatments on her face before every awards show she attends. The outlet's latest take on the subject is similarly fabricated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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