Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Cheating Claims NOT True

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Cheating

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Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Cheating

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage is not falling apart over jealousy and cheating fears, despite a sensational tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue story.

“Nicole & Keith Destroyed By Jealousy,” reads a headline in the new issue of In Touch, where it’s said, “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are pushed to the breaking point following months of bitter fights and shocking accusations.” According to the article, the couple’s kids are “the main thing keeping them together,” and “jealousy is to blame for the breakdown of their nearly 11-year union.”

A so-called “source” claims to the magazine, “They’ve been struggling for about a year now — if it wasn’t for their girls, the relationship would have been over a long time ago.” An “insider” is also quoted as saying, “There is zero trust. Their marriage has been hanging by a thread, and it’s getting to the point where they’re both ready to give up.”

Urban, says the supposed “source,” is “worried about Nicole being unfaithful and has long feared that she still has feelings for her ex-fiancé, Lenny Kravitz.” In fact, it’s alleged the country singer “flipped out” when Kidman recently spoke about Kravitz in the press and encouraged his daughter Zoe’s casting in “Big Little Lies.” But these issues go both ways, contends the outlet.

“When Keith’s on tour, she calls him all day and night to check in. If he doesn’t answer, she freaks out,” alleges the “source,” while the “insider” further asserts, “She’s completely paranoid that he’s going to run off with some 21-year-old blonde while he’s on the road. Nicole loses it every time he’s pictured with another woman.”

Now, “It seems like the more time goes on, the worse things become. Time is running out on their marriage,” declares the “source.” And the “insider” adds, “No one is sure how much longer they can go on like this.” Yet In Touch, despite it being said the couple has “been struggling for about a year now,” has been peddling stories like this for several years.

In 2014, for instance, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it wrongly said Kidman was “ready to get divorced.” That was followed with more untrue divorce tales in 2015 and 2016, and this past January, the magazine published a questionable article about Kidman “flirting” with Dev Patel, making Urban “livid.”

If anything, the stars and their fans should be livid over this ongoing false narrative. Kidman isn’t cheating. And Urban isn’t being unfaithful either. Nor has their marriage been “destroyed by jealousy.” In reality, the couple keeps lovingly going about their happy lives (see photo from Sunday’s Oscars above) while In Touch remains embarrassingly out of touch.