Nicole Kidman Spends $7,000 On Face Before Awards Shows?

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Nicole Kidman Face Skin

By Andrew Shuster |

Nicole Kidman Face Skin

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Nicole Kidman does not spend $7,000 in beauty treatments on her face before every awards show, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this false claim. We’re told it’s nonsense.

According to the UK tabloid Heat, Kidman’s glowing skin at last month’s SAG Awards was the result of thousands of dollars spent on skincare prior to the ceremony. The unreliable outlet claims the actress first underwent a treatment that involved having her face scrubbed in diamonds and rubies, and then had a lactic acid facial and a caviar peel.

A supposed “source” also tells the magazine that Kidman has been exploring “flying ant facials,” which uses secretions from insects to illuminate the skin. “Nicole’s treatments don’t come cheap, but she knows it’s what she has to pay to look as good as possible,” adds the questionable insider. “She’ll happily spend $7,000 as she wants the most advanced treatments and therapists. She’s willing to try most things.”

But Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Kidman, who laughed off the magazine’s report before exclusively assuring us on background that it’s “false.” The 50-year-old actress looks very young for her age, so she obviously takes good care of her skin, but the beauty regimens described above are made-up. The assertion that Kidman spends thousands of dollars to look presentable on the red carpet is absurd.

In fact, Kidman revealed some of her beauty secrets in a recent interview with Vogue, and they don’t entail expensive facials and peels. Prior to the 2017 Emmy Awards, the actress said she was getting her skin in shape by wearing lots of Neutrogena sunscreen. She added, “It’s that simple. I wish I could say there was this really complicated kind of lead up, but there isn’t.”

Kidman also stressed the importance of makeup remover wipes, and further revealed she keeps her skin hydrated with various over-the-counter products, including wrinkle repair cream. All of the products that the actress mentioned in her interview can be found at a local pharmacy, and they cost way less than $7,000.

Basically, it seems the writers at Heat noticed that Kidman always looks radiant on the red carpet, and decided to come up with a far-fetched explanation behind her youthful appearance. However, the actress simply lives a healthy lifestyle and uses ordinary skincare products to keep her face looking bright and smooth. The tabloid’s tale of insect secretions and jewelry scrubs is complete nonsense.