Keith Urban “Heartbroken” Over Nicole Kidman And Alexander Skarsgard’s On Set Kiss?

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By Andrew Shuster |

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Keith Urban is NOT “heartbroken” over Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard kissing on the set of a TV show, nor is the situation causing marriage trouble, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this rumor. We’re told it’s “not true.”

Kidman and Skarsgard are currently filming the upcoming HBO miniseries “Big Little Lies,” in which they play a husband and wife. As a result, the two share kissing scenes. But despite both being professional actors in a scripted romance, the National Enquirer is trying to create real-life drama.

A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “Keith will be heartbroken… Though they were [kissing] on set, there’s no denying the intense connection that grew between Nicole and Alexander. Given her and Keith’s problems, I worry that this will put their marriage into a tailspin.” The magazine’s “insider” goes on to claim that during some takes, Kidman and Skarsgard would keep kissing “past the director’s call to ‘cut!'”

First off, there are no “problems” in Kidman and Urban’s marriage. Gossip Cop has repeatedly called out the Enquirer for trying to create a nonexistent rift between the two, who remain happily married month after month following these false claims. Still, we checked in with a rep for Kidman, who exclusively assures Gossip Cop the tabloid’s entire story is simply “not true.”

Of course, we’re not particularly surprised by the tabloid’s latest phony tale. We recently debunked the magazine’s inaccurate claim that Urban got angry after discovering “secret sex journals” chronicling Kidman’s past love affairs. And before that, Gossip Cop busted the magazine’s wrong rumor that the actress was jealous of her husband supposedly flirting with Jennifer Lopez on the set of “American Idol.”


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