Nicki Minaj: Stop Telling Me I’m Spelling Meek Mill’s Name Wrong!

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Nicki Minaj Name Meek Mill

By Shari Weiss |

Nicki Minaj Name Meek Mill


Nicki Minaj knows how to spell Meek Mill’s name, even if mistaken fans think she doesn’t.

Mill was actually born Robert Rihmeek Williams. And, on Instagram, Minaj often refers to her boyfriend by his family name Rihmeek. But every single time she does, she gets called out by fans who believe it’s actually Rahmeek.

The issue most recently came up on Friday, when Minaj posted a necklace Mill gifted her onstage during one of their concerts, and wrote, “This is pretty Rihmeek, thank u.” But after getting dragged in the comments once again, Minaj apparently decided on Saturday that enough was enough. In two new Instagram posts, she set the record straight.

“Everytime I say the name ‘Rihmeek’ in a post I get a billion comments saying I’m spelling his name wrong. Lol. Hmmmmm,” Minaj began. “Lemme get this straight, I should believe Wikipedia over his MOTHER, SISTER (@naboogie) AND HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE??????”

The star went on, “yall gotta chill. #NoMoreCommentsAboutHisNAMEpls #TakeHisGirlWordForIt #StayOffWikipedia #YallReallyBeMad.” She also highlighted some of the people bashing her, like the two who posted, “His name is Rahm eek not Rihmeek,” and “B*tch dnt even knw his name.” Minaj, however, is now getting the last laugh.

Along with several laughing emjois, she mocked their comments, sarcastically writing, “Like they swore they knew smthn.” And, to further prove her point, Minaj shared the above photo of herself with Mill’s family, after which Wikipedia was updated to feature the correct spelling. So, let it be known once and for all: You do not know more about Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend than she does.


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