Nicki Minaj Licks Meek Mill At Dallas “Pinkprint Tour” Concert: “Best Night Of My Life” — WATCH VIDEOS HERE

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Nicki Minaj Licks Meek Mill Video

By Shari Weiss |

Nicki Minaj Licks Meek Mill Video


Nicki Minaj licked Meek Mill on stage in Dallas on Friday, during their first concert as a touring duo. See video below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Minaj began her “Pinkprint Tour” earlier this year in Europe. Friday’s show in Texas officially kicked off the North American leg, during which she has boyfriend Meek Mill as her touring mate. And while on stage together for the kick-off, they couldn’t hold back on the PDA.

In addition to a number full-on kisses, Minaj announced at one point, “I don’t want to kiss. I just wanna lick you.” The rapper then pulled Mill in close and licked the side of his face, right near the corner of his mouth. And the crowd seemed to eat up every moment.

“I must be a lucky-ass n*gger,” Mill told the audience. The couple performed their new single “All Eyes On You,” as well as other songs like “Pullin’ Up” and “Buy A Heart.” And it was clear afterward that Minaj felt pretty lucky herself.

She tweeted after the show, “Tonight was the best night of my life. #Dallas #ThePinkprintTOUR.” She also posted a photo of herself and Mill from the concert on Instagram (see above), writing, “The final count was 19,150 people!!!!!! No. Dallas runs the world. I’m serious. Best night ever. Wow.”

“lol @ #ThePinkprintTOUR trending worldwide,” Minaj went on in another Instagram post. “One of the best nights of my career. Amazing ppl on the road with me as well @tinashenow @raesremmurd @dejloaf @meekmill couldn’t have asked for anything more tonight.”

Minaj continued, “Dallas, like I said, I’ll never forget you. I never had such a hard time leaving a stage before that was a different type of love. Yall real AF.” The tour continues in Houston on Saturday night. Check out Friday’s video highlights below! Note: Videos no longer available.


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