Nicki Minaj: I’m Not “Convinced” Hillary Clinton Should Be President

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Nicki Minaj Hillary Clinton president

By Michael Lewittes |

Nicki Minaj Hillary Clinton president


Nicki Minaj is not “convinced” Hillary Clinton should be president. Nor did the singer hold back with her thoughts about Donald Trump and President Obama in the cover story of Billboard’s No. 1’s issue.

When asked about Clinton, Minaj indicated she wasn’t fully on board. She said she supports Clinton “as a woman,” but adds, “Am I convinced that she should be the next president? I still want to be open-minded about everyone.” And while Minaj hasn’t endorsed Clinton, she praises the Democratic presidential frontrunner for “sticking it out,” noting how Clinton has “gone through horrifying things, even within her marriage. She has been brave and weathered the storm. And continued being a boss. That’s something that every woman should feel inspired by, no matter if you’re voting for her or not.”

Minaj was less complimentary about Trump. She told the music magazine some of his political views “may not have been so horrible if his approach wasn’t so childish.” Still, Minaj feels, “In terms of entertainment — I think he’s hilarious. I wish they could just film him running for president. That’s the ultimate reality show.”

Only President Obama got Minaj’s full support, especially for how he’s dealing with the War on Drugs, which she refers to as “slavery.” The rapper applauds Obama for reducing mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders. She says, “I thought it was so important when he went to prisons and spoke to people who got 20 and 30 and 40 and 50 years for drugs,” before pointing out how “there are women who are raped, people who are killed and [the perpetrators] don’t even serve 20 years.”

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