Nicki Minaj Calls Farrah Abraham A “C**t” In Twitter Feud

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Nicki Minaj Farrah Abraham

By Michael Lewittes |

Nicki Minaj Farrah Abraham

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Nicki Minaj called Farrah Abraham a C-word on Sunday after watching the episode of “Teen Mom OG” in which the porn star reamed her mother Debra for really no apparent reason. The rapper tweeted, “Farrah is a c**t to her mother.” Not surprisingly, Abraham responded to Minaj. The result was a Twitter feud that had Minaj calling Abraham the C-word several more times.

It all started after Minaj tweeted about watching a particular scene from “Teen Mom OG” in which Abraham was getting ready to shoot “Celebrity Big Brother” in England, and lectured her mother Debra about how to take care of her daughter Sophia while she’s away. To put it mildly, Abraham was rude and condescending and, at one point, even called her mom a “bitch.” Eventually, Abraham’s mother, who had been nothing but accommodating, broke down in tears. Abraham was so horrific that her own daughter Sophia began slapping her, and telling the “Teen Mom OG” star, “You are having a bad attitude.”

Commenting on that scene, Minaj first tweeted, as Gossip Cop noted above, that Abraham was a “c**t to her mother.” The rapper followed that up with another tweet referencing Sophia hitting Abraham. Minaj wrote, “she was like bitch go do some porn & leave gramma alone.”

That’s when Abraham tweeted in response, “Cause your a parent right? Your videos look like porn Horrible good luck being negative #Godbless busy making TV.” But Minaj didn’t just take that from Abraham. She tweeted back at the Backdoor Teen Mom star, “Your mother didn’t open her legs and have that child. Be happy she’s helping! Stop talking to her like that on tv u lil c**t @F1abraham.” She then added in a follow-up tweet, “In your case #BigCUNT.”

Minaj continued by blasting Abraham for her spelling, as well. She wrote, “Instead of dragging your mother, learn the difference between ‘you’re’ & ‘your’, ding bat. Abraham responded, “To be clear my mom doesn’t help me I help her. I love & care for my mom. Stop disgusting talk @NICKIMINAJ.” Gossip Cop will update should the Twitter feud continue.


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