Story Claiming Nicki Minaj Thinks Drake Has “More Than One Secret Love Child” Is Fake News

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Nicki Minaj Drake Love Child

By Michael Lewittes |

Nicki Minaj Drake Love Child

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A new story claiming Nicki Minaj “thinks Drake could have more than one secret love child” is fake news. The phony report, complete with seemingly made-up quotations, was manufactured by HollywoodLife, a site so well-known for fabricating articles that’s it’s often referred to a “HollywoodLies.” Conversely, Gossip Cop fact-checks and reaches out to various parties to get to the truth, and we’ve learned the article is untrue.

According to the latest cooked-up tale from the serial fibbers at HollywoodLies, Minaj is “not surprised” about the rumors that Drake fathered a child with adult film star Sophie Brussaux and “thinks there may be other baby mamas out there.” The often discredited outlet quotes what it alleges is a “source close to Nicki” as saying, “[Minaj] wouldn’t be surprised if Drake’s got more than once secret love child out there. He’s such a huge player.” The seemingly bogus “source” adds that Minaj is “relieved” she’s not involved with Drake anymore.

Nicki Minaj Drake Child


From there, the article notes how Drake has been “romantically linked to many other singers such as Rihanna and even Jennifer Lopez.” While that’s mostly factual, it’s completely irrelevant. He’s never had nor ever been rumored to have had kids with either of those two women.

HollywoodLies simply made up its latest article to capitalize on all the talk about Drake possibly having a son named Adonis with Brussaux. It was first reported that the rapper impregnated Brussaux back in May 2017. The claim about him now having a love child resurfaced because Drake and Pusha T are in a feud, with the latter releasing as song called “Story Of Adidon.” The track features lyrics that seem to call Drake a “deadbeat” dad and implores him to “love that baby” and to “respect” his alleged child’s mother. Actually, it’s being reported that Drake has been quietly supporting the baby since his birth.

Unlike HollywoodLies, which can’t even prove its supposed “source” is real, Minaj’s rep, who acts on her behalf, tells Gossip Cop exclusively that HollywoodLife’s story is “fake news as usual.” The spokesperson, who has had to contend with other fabricated reports from that site, further rhetorically asked, “How are they in business?” As for Drake, his people would not comment when contacted by Gossip Cop.

It should also be noted that HollywoodLies has for a long time falsely maintained that Minaj and Drake were hooking up. The truth, however, is that Drake and Minaj have been just friends and collaborators. They have never been a couple. Comically, the same day the site floated that false claim it also wrongly reported that Minaj was pregnant with Nas’s baby.

Of course, if HollywoodLies truly had a “source close to Nicki,” it would have known she’s never dated Drake and was never pregnant with Nas’s child.  The site is either flat-out lying about having an insider or is easily being duped by a fraud who’s able to tell them anything, and they’ll print it without fact-checking. Also, the outlet never attempted to contact Minaj’s side to see if the quotes from its alleged “source” bore any resemblance to the truth.

Conclusion: HollywoodLies offers no transparent proof that an actual Minaj confidante shared information with the unreliable outlet that she “wouldn’t be surprised if Drake’s got more than once secret love child out there.” Additionally, the article contains inaccurate information about her having dated Drake and has a track record of being wrong about her. All that, plus Minaj’s spokesperson openly calling the site’s report “fake news” has led us to give the story a 0.


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