Nicki Minaj Home Burglarized, Vandalized

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Nicki Minaj Burglarized

By Shari Weiss |

Nicki Minaj Burglarized

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Nicki Minaj’s home was burglarized and vandalized, costing the rapper at least $200,000. The crime took place earlier this week while Minaj was out of town.

Suggesting more than one perpetrator, police discovered multiple signs of forced entry at Minaj’s Los Angeles estate. Inside, the place was largely totaled. Furniture was broken, clothing ripped, perfume bottles shattered. The culprits even targeted the performer’s picture frames.

But that’s not all. Whoever was responsible also took jewelry and other property. TMZ is putting the value of the stolen goods at $200,000. The site suggests the thieves were possibly “frantically looking for something” because they “knocked over and flipped furniture and items all over the house.” But that theory has not been confirmed.

Police are hoping to use surveillance footage to identify suspects. The burglary comes less than a month after Cesar Milan was burglarized, with jewelry stolen from his home in the Studio City neighborhood of L.A., as Gossip Cop reported. Like in Minaj’s case, he was also out of town during the criminal activity.

Other recent celebrity burglary victims include Soulja Boy and Kevin Hart. Last month, the Kardashians’ DASH store was robbed, too. As of yet, though, there’s no indication any of these crimes are related. Minaj has not commented.

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Nicki Minaj’s Los Angeles mansion was burglarized and vandalized.


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