Nicki Minaj Did NOT Ask President Obama To “Pardon” Her Brother, Despite Report

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By Shari Weiss |

Nicki Minaj did NOT ask President Obama to “pardon” her brother, despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk the absurd story.

As Gossip Cop reported, Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj, was arrested last December for allegedly raping a 12-year-old child. The 37-year-old, who had gotten married just months prior, was indicted by a grand jury a few weeks ago. And now MediaTakeOut is claiming in one of its fake “exclusives,” “Nicki Minaj Asked President Obama… To Issue A Presidential Pardon… For Her Brother Accused Of CHILD SEX ABUSE!!!”

According to the webloid, while Maraj is now facing more than 20 years in prison, if convicted, “Nicki’s got OTHER PLANS.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as telling the unreliable site, “Nicki [spoke] with the President about it. They’re going to talk more. The President leaves office in January, he can just pardon Jelani and then leave. No one would be able to say anything about it.” MediaFakeOut adds, however, “It’s not clear whether the President is entertaining Nicki’s request, or not.”

To support its (baseless) allegations, the site includes Minaj’s recent Instagram photo of an autograph she received from Obama last week. MTO points out that the rapper’s post came “a few days after” Maraj’s indictment, and notes that in the photo’s accompanying caption, Minaj said she met with the President “to discuss a few things that happen to be very dear to my [heart].” But, as Gossip Cop reported last week, that meeting was actually about the White House initiative, “My Brother’s Keeper.”

Minaj and a number of other musicians spoke with Obama about the program, which seeks to help at-risk black youth. It has nothing to do with situations like that of her older brother. Furthermore, the notion that the President would pardon an alleged sex offender (who hasn’t even been convicted yet, anyway) is preposterous. Minaj is smart enough to know that, and would never even ask Obama for such a rare act. But MediaFakeOut is far from smart, which is why it ran this outrageous story.


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