Nicki Minaj Did NOT Announce Meek Mill Breakup, Despite Report

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Nicki Minaj Breakup Meek Mill

By Shari Weiss |

Nicki Minaj Breakup Meek Mill

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Nicki Minaj did NOT announce she’s breaking up with Meek Mill, despite a laughably wrong report. Gossip Cop can easily correct the story.

In a so-called “exclusive,” MediaTakeOut exclaims in a headline, “It’s FINALLY Over… Nicki Minaj Announced… That She’s BREAKING UP With Meek Mill!!!!” The accompanying story says, “Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are no longer together. The couple, who have dated ot [sic] for the last TWO YEARS finally announced their split to close friends yesterday. Nicki even took to Twitter to announce that she’s single. According to Nicki, she’s ‘on the prowl’ for a new man too.”

As proof, the webloid points to a tweet Minaj sent on Thursday, saying, “Ok I’m back on the prowl…” But the message was NOT about looking for love for herself. It was about setting up her younger brother, Micaiah.

In all the tweets that came in the minutes before and after, Minaj discussed looking for a suitable girl to date her sibling. She even engaged with fans and potential prospects on the subject. And minutes after her “prowl” tweet, she wrote, “The right girl is: pleasant, understanding, intelligent, ambitious….”

MediaFakeOut either neglected to look into the context of Minaj’s “back on the prowl” message, or purposefully left the context for it out its story, so that it could be twisted into an “announcement” that she’s “breaking up” with Mill. But Minaj never made any such announcement. It’s 100 percent wrong to use that tweet to falsely claim otherwise.


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