Nicki Minaj Breaking Up With Meek Mill For Young M.A?

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Nicki Minaj Breaking Up Meek Mill Young Ma

By Shari Weiss |

Nicki Minaj Breaking Up Meek Mill Young Ma

(Young M.A/Instagram)

Is Nicki Minaj breaking up with Meek Mill for Young M.A? That’s the rumor coming from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

MediaTakeOut is blaring in a headline, “NICKI MINAJ Has A ‘CRUSH’ On Female Rapper YOUNG M.A… Is Reportedly Considered DROPPING MEEK… For HER!!!” The site laughably begins its story by saying, “We’re not one to start any rumors. But folks on social media are saying that Nicki Minaj has been ‘BLOWING UP’ female rapped Young M.A’s phone.”

“According to the reports on Instagram, Nicki has a CRUSH on Young M.A and the two have been flirting over text for the last couple of weeks,” says the webloid. “We’re pretty sure the two will make MUSIC together… but could the two ladies end up being a COUPLE? Now that would be interesting. They definitely look cute together.”

Gossip Cop isn’t exactly sure what “reports on Instagram” mean, but the outlet has already proven it doesn’t know how to use social media. Last month, MediaFakeOut falsely claimed Minaj announced a breakup with Mill on Twitter, when she was actually talking about finding a girlfriend for her brother. Since then, though, the site has repeatedly claimed Minaj and Mill are no more.

Yet now MTO is acting like they never said anything like that, and is now speculating about a potential future breakup caused by Young M.A. The webloid’s perspective, though, continues to differ from reality. Minaj and Mill are very much still together, as she herself showed on Instagram Monday morning.

And while the relationship might not last forever, Minaj is not “dropping” Mill for Young M.A. MediaTakeOut should probably start looking elsewhere than Twitter and Instagram for its made-up stories.


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