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Is Nicki Minaj's album Queen being pushed to "after the summer" due to a purported Beyonce "solo album"? A new report claims the rapper has agreed to delay her own record after a request from her "Flawless" collaborator. Gossip Cop investigated, and we can reveal the truth.

On Saturday, Beyonce and Jay-Z shocked fans by dropping a surprise joint album. Now according to MediaTakeOut, she also has a solo album in the works that will come out on "July 4th weekend." Technically, there is no "July 4th weekend" this year since the holiday falls on a Wednesday. Even more bizarrely, the supposed source for this story is a so-called "insider from Nicki Minaj's camp."

This alleged tipster is quoted as saying, "Nicki pushed back her album until after the summer, because Bey told her the plan was to launch a joint album in June and a single album in July." Beyonce is said to have given Minaj a "heads up," which the questionable insider deems "a friendly thing to do," adding, "Beyonce is going to control the summer of 2018."

Significantly, not one reputable publication has reported there is a Beyonce solo album coming out next month. The site tries to substantiate its story by pointing to a listing for "B7," which is said to be an upcoming seventh album, but fails to acknowledge the disclaimer that notes, "It is purely speculative and has not been confirmed by the artist." And while a spokesperson for Beyonce did not respond to Gossip Cop's request for comment, we can confirm that regardless of any plans she may or may not have, Minaj's own album is not being delayed until "after the summer."

The record was originally due out June 15, but in May, Minaj revealed the Queen release date was pushed back to August 10. Now Gossip Cop is told that is still the drop date. "We are coming out August 10th because that is when we will be ready," a staffer at Republic Records, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, tells us.

The highly anticipated album will not be delayed until "after the summer," as wrongly claimed, but released well before the summer ends, as intended. And it should be noted that Minaj's current Twitter header is still promoting the August 10 date (see screengrab below). Additionally, Minaj also touted that release date in an Instagram post just three days ago. So, whether or not it's the "Summer Of Bey," as the website puts it, Minaj will be releasing her own new music this summer, too, as planned.

Lastly, Gossip Cop would be remiss not to remind readers that the blog has a horrible track record when it comes to reporting on both of these superstars. Last year, Beyonce's rep actually went on the record to slam MediaTakeOut for peddling falsehoods. And in April, Minaj's rep had to deny she was pregnant after the site kept wrongly insisting she was expecting. For real news on the performers, fans should avoid relying on an outlet that has earned the nickname "MediaFakeOut."

(Nicki Minaj Twitter)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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