HollywoodLife purports to know the "reason" why Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi split up, but it's all made-up. Prior to the "Bachelor" stars announcing that they had called off their engagement, the outlet had no inkling whatsoever that they were going their separate ways. In fact, the clueless website declared mere weeks ago that they're "not breaking up, not at all," and that Grimaldi and Viall were "excited about their future together."

For the uninitiated, this is what happens: After news breaks about a celebrity, HollywoodLies, as its nicknamed, goes into overdrive and starts cranking out one phony "exclusive" after another. Of course, if the often discredited outlet actually had solid sources, arguably they would have broken the breakup news in the first place. Wouldn't their supposed sources have tipped them off that Viall and Grimaldi's engagement was over?

Instead, after it was announced by reputable outlets that Viall and Grimaldi had split and called off their engagement, HollywoodLies suddenly came up out of nowhere with an "exclusive" about how they "never had a chance of actually making it work." To back up its claim, the repeatedly disproven site quoted a seemingly fabricated and untraceable "source" as saying, "They are incredibly different... Nick is all about living in LA, being part of the 'Bachelor' scene and making a career in entertainment," while Grimaldi "wasn't going to be happy just being a pseudo celebrity in Hollywood."

None of this, by the way, is news or exclusive. It's common knowledge. Then, to bolster its premise, the blog's highly suspect "source" further alleges the demise of the relationship was a result of the special education teacher missing being back at home because "she's so incredibly close to her family in Montreal." It should be noted, that issue was a major theme on the show and seen by millions of viewers. So, is the website's super duper "source" basically anyone who watched the last season of "The Bachelor"?

In case you're not fully convinced yet that HollywoodLies just makes up its some of its so-called exclusives, let's examine another one published by the same site just a few weeks ago (below). Citing an unnamed "source" once again, the webloid swore up and down, "Nick and Vanessa are not breaking up, not at all." What's more, the same seemingly fictitious "source" added, "They just got a new place together in LA and they're in the middle of moving in... They're excited about their future together. Things are good."

You know what's not "good"? HollywoodLife's reporting.

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