Nick Viall, Vanessa Talk Engagement, Future On ‘Bachelor: After The Final Rose’ (Recap)

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nick viall engaged vanessa after the final rose recap

By Michael Lewittes |

nick viall engaged vanessa after the final rose recap


Nick Viall and Vanessa discussed their engagement and future on the live “Bachelor” finale special, “After The Final Rose.” Nick also met face-to-face with Raven again. And new “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay was on the show and met her suitors. Get the full recap here!

As Gossip Cop reported, “The Bachelor” season finale had Vanessa accepting Viall’s marriage proposal. The one-hour, post-finale show began with host Chris Harrison asking Nick how he was doing. “Good,” responded the newly engaged Nick. The bachelor then told Harrison it “broke my heart” to say goodbye to Raven, and that “there’s no good way of doing it.” If anyone, noted Nick, he could “empathize” with getting turned down at the end.

It was then time for Raven to come out. She said she was “very confident” going into the final rose, pointing out how much “fun” and enjoyed their time with each other. “I definitely thought I was going to get engaged that day,” Raven added. And while Nick popped the question to another woman, Raven expressed to him, “I want the world for you… I’m happy you found your happy ending and were not rejected.”

Raven told Harrison she’s “always looking for love,” which prompted the host to say, “I’ve got something going this summer in Mexico. They call it paradise.” And with that, Raven accepted his offer, and will be on “Bachelor In Paradise.”

After Raven left, Vanessa walked onstage. She told everyone being separated from Nick and living in different countries has been “difficult.” But, she added, “I love him.” As for watching the show, Vanessa confessed, “I decided not to watch the fantasy suite.” She said they’ve had some tough times already, but they’re “getting stronger as the days go on.” Mostly, it’s been hard because they couldn’t be seen together. Now that it’s known they’re engaged, Vanessa said she was “excited” to see “what the future” holds for them.

Nick then joined Vanessa onstage. He acknowledged they “still have a long way to go” as they get to know each other. Nick said they’re “working out” a lot of stuff. When Harrison asked if they were getting married, Vanessa answered honestly, “We’re taking baby steps… trying to figure things out.” They both added they were “optimistic” for what the future holds. Vanessa said she’s relocating to the U.S. and she’s supportive of Nick, who next week begins “Dancing With The Stars.”

But there was one surprise left for the show. The next “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay came out and talked about how she’ll be meeting her 25 men soon. “I am ready,” she said, especially having had the experience of being on “The Bachelor.” “It’s crazy that I could be meeting my husband,” Rachel said. She noted, however, she fears having to send men home.

Harrison asked Rachel if she thought about when the guys come out of the limo. “I’m excited to meet the guys,” Rachel reiterated. And with that, Harrison announced “The Bachelorette” was beginning right then. Some of the guys vying for Rachel’s heart then came onstage and met the bachelorette, who didn’t expect to be introduced to a few of her suitors.

One man named DeMarcus brought an engagement ring and two tickets to Las Vegas. Then a nervous guy named Blake came out, and only introduced himself after Rachel finally asked him what his name was. There was also Dean, who said, “I’m ready to go black, and I’m never going to go back.” And finally a guy named Eric told her he was “looking forward” to getting to know her.

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