Nick Viall, Former Bachelors Play “Yes Bae, No Way Rosé” On “GMA” (VIDEO)

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Nick Viall Bachelor Good Morning America Game

By Holly Nicol |

Nick Viall Bachelor Good Morning America Game


Nick Viall and three former Bachelors appeared on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” to play a hilarious game of “Yes Bae, No Way Rosé.” Check out the video below!

During the interview, Viall, Andrew Firestone, Jason Mesnick and Ben Higgins played a lightning round game of “Yes Bae, No Way Rosé,” in which the contestants had to answer a series of questions using their paddles, responding with either “Yes Bae,” or “No Way Rosé.” One question was, “Have you ever injured yourself while trying to impress a girl?” All four bachelors responded with “Yes Bae,” as Viall joked, “It was a boating accident.” “I injured my pride,” Firestone said.

The next question was, “Have you ever given a girl a fake number?” The former bachelors quickly answered with “No Way Rosé,” but Viall took his time in contemplating his response. “I don’t think I have,” Viall said. “I’m a pretty direct guy.” “Have you ever been yelled at by Chris Harrison?” Michael Strahan asked, referring to the host of the show. All three former bachelors hilariously answered with “Yes Bae.” Firestone said of Harrison, “He won’t get up in your grill if you do something wrong,” prompting a quick response from Mesnick. “He got up in my grill before!” he joked. Check out the full “GMA” video, in which Viall also discusses the current season of “The Bachelor.” The game starts at the 7:20 mark. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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