Nick Jonas Crashed Demi Lovato, Luke Rockhold Date?

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Nick Jonas Crashed Demi Lovato Date

By Shari Weiss |

Nick Jonas Crashed Demi Lovato Date

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Did Nick Jonas crash Demi Lovato’s recent date with Luke Rockhold? That’s how one outlet is spinning a recent outing. Gossip Cop can reveal what really happened.

“Nick Jonas Crashes Demi Lovato’s First Public Date With Luke Rockhold,” Star announces on its website. Alongside a photo gallery, it’s noted that Lovato and Rockhold “stepped out November 12th for a date night at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden. The 24-year-old was all smiles as she talked to her man.”

The tabloid goes on to claim, “However, the 32-year-old UFC fighter seemed to lose focus. Instead of keeping his lady entertained, he started chatting it up with Nick Jonas! Demi appeared annoyed as the two spoke over her.” The magazine ends its piece by dramatically asking, “Do you think Demi will forgive Luke?”

Forgive him for what — talking to one of her best friends? Please. This is a total non-issue that’s been completely manufactured into a sensational story. Jonas attended the same event as Lovato and Rockhold, as did other stars. Given their connection, they all sat together and had a great night.

Jonas even Snapchatted part of their hangout. But because Star obtained photos in which Lovato is looking straight ahead while the two men talk with one another, the outlet is spinning it as Lukehold ignoring his date in favor of her pal. But this is all based on the most innocent of moments, with paparazzi cameras at the event capturing a brief interaction during a long evening.

To then use that tiny part to allege Jonas “crashed” the date and Lovato was unhappy is quite the leap. It’s also misleading and inaccurate. There is simply no third-wheel scandal here.

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Nick Jonas crashed Demi Lovato’s date.


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