Nick Gordon New Lawsuit Accuses Him Of Beating Bobbi Kristina Brown And Stealing Money From Her

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Nick Gordon lawsuit Bobbi Kristina

By Michael Lewittes |

Nick Gordon lawsuit Bobbi Kristina

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Nick Gordon has been slapped with a lawsuit accusing him of assault and battery, as well as unauthorized transferring of money, right as his girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown was moved into hospice care. According to a suit filed on Wednesday by Brown’s conservator, Bedelia Hargrove, in Atlanta’s Fulton County Superior Court, Gordon’s been accused of hitting Brown in the face, resulting in her losing teeth, and dragging her up a flight of stairs by her hair, hours before she was discovered face down and unconscious in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia home on January 31. The lawsuit states after Gordon had a violent argument with Brown, she suffered “life threatening bodily harm and damages.”

The lawsuit, which is seeking $10 million in damages, alleges that in the time leading up to her being found unconscious, Brown began to feel that Gordon, who was treated like a son by her late mother Whitney Houston, was “not the man she thought he was.” The court papers also accused Gordon of transferring $11,000 from her account after she was placed in a medically induced coma.

It’s also revealed in the court papers that not only did Gordon publicly misrepresent that he was Brown’s husband, but he also sought to “control Brown and limit with whom she could interact” by answering her calls and scheduling her appointments.

Hargrove said in a statement, “Today I filed a lawsuit on behalf of Bobbi Kristina Brown. I filed this lawsuit to pursue justice on behalf of Bobbi Kristina Brown. No human being, male or female, should endure what Bobbi Kristina endured.” She added, “Pat Houston and Bobby Brown have done all they can to take care of Bobbi Kristina since this terrible tragedy occurred. I have worked closely with both of them and we all want the very best for Bobbi Kristina.” Hargrove concluded, “This lawsuit represents our collective efforts to get justice for Bobbi Kristina. We pray that justice will be done for her and that it will be swift.”

As Gossip Cop reported earlier on Wednesday, Brown was taken off all her medications and moved to a hospice center. Brown’s aunt, Pat Houston, said in a statement that her niece’s “condition has continued to deteriorate… She’s in God’s hands now.”


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