Nick Gordon Breaks Down, Hyperventilates In Dr. Phil VIDEO: “I’m Scared To Lose” Bobbi Kristina Brown

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Nick Gordon Dr Phil Video

By Daniel Gates |

Nick Gordon Dr Phil Video


A shaking, hyperventilating Nick Gordon agrees to go to rehab while breaking down over Bobbi Kristina Brown’s medical crisis in a new clip from his much-discussed “Dr. Phil” appearance, scheduled to air on Wednesday. Watch the video below.

“Mom, I lost the most legendary singer ever, and I’m scared to lose Krissy,” a distraught Gordon tells his mother, referring to the late Whitney Houston. When Dr. Phil says, “What I want you to do is…” Gordon interjects, “Go to rehab.”

Dr. Phil tells Gordon, “You can’t help Bobbi Kristina the way you are.” He responds, “You’re right, you’re right, you’re right… I’ve been so strong for so many people for so long, so please don’t tell me to man up.” Dr. Phil replies, “Yes, I am going to tell you that. I just did.”

While not in the preview clip, Gordon is also quoted as saying of Houston and Brown, “I want to let all you guys know I did everything possible in the world to protect them.” His mother Michelle tells Dr. Phil, “Nicholas is at a breaking point. He cannot bear not being with Krissy by her side. He’s dealing with it by drinking. I’ve begged him to stop and it doesn’t help.”

“Nick, you’re out of control,” Dr. Phil tells him at one point. “You’ve threatened suicide. You deserve to get some help because if you don’t, you know you’re going to wind up dead.” And in video taken in the hours before the sit-down, Gordon is seen falling down drunk. Watch both clips below. Gossip Cop will have updates.


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